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Featured Alumni - 11/08

Tom Engler

Masters of Science in Petroleum Engineering (M.S.): 1992
Bachelors of Science in Geology (B.S.): 1980

New Mexico Tech alumnus Thomas W. Engler returned to his alma mater in 1999 as a faculty member in the university's petroleum and chemical engineering department. Currently he is Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering and Assessment Coordinator for the Office of Academic Affairs.

Engler entered New Mexico Tech as an undergraduate student in the late 1970s; earning two bachelor of science degrees; one in geology and another in petroleum engineering in the early 1980s. During that time he met and married Nancy, while both were petroleum engineering students at tech. After working in the industry for eight years, both returned to Tech and both earned a master of science degree in petroleum engineering in the early 1990s. Tom went on to earn his doctorate degree in petroleum engineering at the University of Oklahoma and later worked at the University of Tulsa; first, as a senior instructor, and, later, as an assistant professor of petroleum engineering, before his latest return to New Mexico Tech.

"New Mexico Tech has always been an outstanding school," Engler says, "and its reputation in research and academics is well known throughout the industry."

"Students have always been laid-back here at New Mexico Tech," the petroleum engineering professor relates. "The Tech campus has always been an oasis, conducive to both relaxation and serious study. Of course, since I was an undergraduate, the campus has undergone a constant evolution of expansion and improvement."

Presently, Tom and Nancy's oldest child, Scott is attending New Mexico Tech and has declared petroleum engineering as his major. "He is doing really well; hopefully he will enjoy his time here at Tech and succeed." They also have two other children, Nikki, a junior at Socorro High and Eric a 3rd grader at Cottonwood Valley Charter School.

Dr. Engler is very active as a professor and as an SPE member in the department. He is also the Program Chair for the SPE Roswell Section. The students enjoy his classes and like that he, along with other professors, is very approachable and willing to answer any questions. Dr. Engler is an incredible asset to the department.