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Featured Alumni - 10/07

William H. "Bill" Marble

"Although I began at Tech as a geologist, I minored in Petroleum Engineering and changed to major as a Junior. The small classrooms, excellent professors, and summer work experiences were a wonderful learning base on which to build my career. Self discipline in study habits is essential for success at Tech, but the resulting educational experience was, and I believe still is, outstanding for those willing to make the effort.

Tech provided the educational basis that challenged me to think beyond the norm, and to explore new and better solutions to problems encountered in oil and gas operations. This ultimately led to our successful completion of improvements in the Barnett Shale of the Fort Worth Basin. Our work ultimately contributed to the addition of 11 counties to what was a 3 county play. Frac designs changed dramatically. Well performance improved dramatically, and our investors who risked $6.2 million on a few test wells ultimately realized over $450 million in profit in 43 months. As a result of this I was able to establish a scholarship fund at Tech.

The purpose of the fund is to provide a permanent scholarship fund for out of state students who wish to study petroleum engineering at Tech. It is open to additional contributions and its ultimate use is directed entirely by Tech staff. Scholarships are to be granted out of the earnings within the fund."

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering (BS): 1973

After graduating from Tech, Bill went on to distinguish himself in a long and productive career in petroleum engineering. He rose to become Vise President of Business Development at Hallwood Energy Corporation and later started his own successful petroleum company.

Bill has been a continuous supporter of New Mexico Tech. Most recently, he and his wife, Kate, established the W.H. Marble Scholarship Endowment, which benefits petroleum engineering students from out-of-state.

New Mexico Tech is grateful to Bill and Kate Marble and other forward-thinking and generous individuals who enable future generations of students to pursue promising careers.