From the Eyes of the Pit Boss


I would venture to say that this years’ casino night and bordello went as well as I have seen it since I have been at tech. Why so memorable you ask? Well, let’s go through a step by step of how everything went. 

To start it all off, setting up Casino Night was incredibly successful.  There were over 40 people from numerous clubs just to help set up!  This is a pretty amazing number considering the fact that in previous years getting half as many people to help out was a chore. 

Next up we have the amazing bordello girls and all of the talented dealers to address.  All of the wonderful ladies you saw walking around while exploring all of the options available for you, and most of the dealers that tried taking your money, had to show up two hours before we opened the door to the students just to help make sure everything was good to go and that they looked enough like zombies to suit the rest of Casino Night. 

The girls then spent their time serving drinks, taking pictures at the picture booth, trying to make sure they were ready to give everyone a good show at Bordello, and just plain looking good!  All of this time the dealers at each game were chugging along without breaks, dealing like they have been doing it for years, and keeping everyone entertained! 

I must give props to a few different clubs for all of the dealers they provided and insight they had for helping things run smoothly.  LAN club came out strong with multiple dealers, helping with craps and blackjack, working 6 hour shifts, and not complaining once about the conditions in which they had to work.  They single handedly ran the high rollers blackjack all night with almost no issues whatsoever.  Poker club took over the Texas Hold ‘em slots and didn’t have a single problem all night long.  Finally, we had the knife and tomahawk throwing club there helping out with wherever we needed them. 

There were also plenty of other clubs that did an amazing job helping out.  So aside from everyone who helped, let’s talk about the happenings of Casino Night; there were seven poker tables, seven blackjack tables, a roulette table, and three craps tables, all of which were constantly surrounded by enthusiastic students waiting to play.  Each table was manned by an all knowing dealer that was supposed to be helping the house make some money.  For the most part, they were able to make a few bucks off of the hopeful card counters and experienced card moguls. 

As I toured the floor making sure everything was running smoothly I couldn’t help but notice a few people who were winning big.  At one point I walked into the high rollers room and watched as Austin Silva won 20 thousand dollars on a hand of blackjack.  It didn’t even faze him that he had just won more money than anyone else in the room had at the time.  

I then walked downstairs to see Jason Radtke pull in a poker hand amounting to at least 10 thousand dollars, while at the same time knocking at least one other player out.  I saw multiple people pull in big pots while playing craps and big winners at the roulette table.  As the night came to a close everyone laid down their final bets and hoped to win big.  Anyone with money left then cashed in, some people had as much as 100,000 dollars, and waited to go buy some prizes with their hard earned money.  Bordello was performed amazingly, girls were auctioned off, the prizes for casino night were won, people walked away both happy and sad, and the night concluded. And of course, none of this could have ever occurred without the beautiful and amazing Student Activities Officer, Jessie Morris.