It's Not Homecoming, it's Forty-Niners: An Events Recap

Wednesday was the kickoff day for 49ers. It began with a zombie movie night. The original movie chosen was Zombieland but was outvoted by Fido. Many students preferred to watch a movie none of them had ever seen or even heard of. The turnout for this event was surprising considering 49ers usually starts on Thursday. The popcorn and Capri Suns were a huge hit.

Thursday, the last day of classes buzzed with excitement and anticipation of Pauly Shore being the main comedian for comedy night. Even though Pauly Shore’s fame has faded over the years, a big name comedian has rarely graced Socorro with their presence. The excitement was evident when students were already lining up to get the best seats around 6:15.

Campus Police officers were very intimidating at the door when they were performing a full body search, which elevated the anticipation as well because no event on campus has ever been so high security. Two hours later, comedy night began with an opening comedian named Sandy Danto. His goal was to pump up the students and get them loosened up and laughing.

After Sandy’s bit a premier comedian followed to get the excitement for Pauly Shore elevating even more. Finally, Pauly Shore appeared on stage and delivered a bit filled with sexual jokes and crude humor. Following the show, Pauly held a meet and greet session during which students were allowed to request autographs and photographs with this famous star.

Immediately following comedy night, the Ballroom Dance Club and the SAB hosted an amazing live swing band. The turnout for this event was unheard of! Many students danced the night away, enjoying the fellowship of other students and the sounds of a live band brought in from out of state. This was a great end to a perfect evening and also an amazing start to 49ers.

Friday began bright and early at noon with Noon Arbandise, a young up and coming band performing on the athletic field. They were followed by Shane Wallin, a band from Albuquerque, The Skallywags, and Twisted Rage, a local band.

 During these live performances, there were other events taking place on the athletic field. These events included a Butt Sketch Artist from Dallas who had a very long line for the duration of the event, liquid nitrogen ice-cream sponsored by the Chemistry Club, balloon darts sponsored by the Knife Throwing Club, bobbing for apples put on by SEG, a car show put on by TORC, and  T-shirt-making  sponsored by the Student Association. There was also a gallon challenge that was put on by alumni.

While all of this was going on, there were many volunteers keeping the grills going and providing delicious hamburgers and hotdogs to the students. The turnout for this event was large from beginning to end. It was a success.

Saturday began with the legendary 49ers parade which boasted 42 floats this year all decorated around the 49ers zombie theme. Following the men’s soccer game and the faculty vs. student volleyball game was Casino Night.

Macey Center was beautifully decorated by more than 40 Tech students. Thirty Bordello girls strutted their stuff all evening and providing their services at the photo booth and the kissing booth. The photo booth was a huge hit. The hired photographer from Albuquerque was full of spunk and personality all night long and took more than 450 photos.

All of the proceeds of the night went to the Battered Women’s Shelter. After Casino Night a new game, Minute-to-Win-It began. Six students had an opportunity to do three ridiculous tasks just for the chance to win a gift certificate. The auditorium was filled with rolling laughter and the students attempted win these prizes. The Bordello Auction was the perfect finish to the evening.

Thirteen beautiful ladies and one gentleman danced their hearts out to a routine that had been rehearsed for two months. They looked marvelous and made me very proud. Each individual girl performed their routines flawlessly and raised a fair amount of money towards the Battered Women’s Shelter.

Sunday was the closing of the 49ers weekend. The morning began for some people around 8 a.m.  A few hundred people decided to embark on the journey up M Mountain. Around 1 p.m., the pumpkin carving contest commenced at the gym pavilion. This event was sponsored by TriBeta Biology Honor Society and the SAB. Ten pumpkins were provided and Tech students began their masterpieces. The goal was to make the best pumpkin to catch the judges’ votes. It was amazing what some students could do with a simple pumpkin. This event was a very relaxing event and a nice close to 49ers weekend.

On a personal note, it was an honor planning and putting on 49ers for all of you. I hope that I can keep students satisfied with the work that I do and the events that I plan for the campus. I now have my sights set on Spring Fling and I really hope to do an even better job making it the best Spring Fling that I can. I want to thank all the volunteers that made 49ers possible, it would not have happened without you guys. Good luck to all of you through the rest of the semester!