The New GRE

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is a standardized exam required for admission to many graduate programs, and one of the last hurdles an undergraduate must face before entering graduate school. The test has undergone many changes over the years: it started as a written exam, it moved on to the familiar fill-in-the-bubbles form, and it has recently become a fully computerized, adaptive version. The very near future holds even more changes for the exam, changes that any prospective graduate student ought to be informed about and prepared for. The changes are planned to take effect on August 1, 2011, and include a change of question types in various sections, a new scoring scale and tiered testing format, and (importantly) the ability to edit and review answers to questions.

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Norway Bombing Expects Life, May Have Acted With Others

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A suspect who admitted to bombing Norway's capitol, along with opening fire at a youth camp, said that he expects life in prison, but that other cells of his terror network are planning other attacks.

According to several news sources, such as the Associated Press and MSNBC, police have said that they doubt that Ander Behring Breivik is affiliated with other terrorists, describing him as a lone wolf. However, police are not ruling out the possibility that he is associated with other members.

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Rockin' Out: Heavy Metal in 2011 (So Far)

Greetings, metal-heads of New Mexico Tech. It's been a crazy year so far, hasn't it? Politics in this country have gone utterly mental. There's been all manner of confusion within school politics as well. The rain finally hit Socorro for a few minutes, but not near enough. That was actually the first bit of precipitation to hit this town since that awesome snowstorm in February. Anyway, with all this going on, it's good to sit back once and a while and put on some awesome music to escape or get a better grip on the world. Let's talk heavy metal. 
This year's been pretty good for releases so far. Amon Amarth, the glorious vikings of Tumba, Sweden, have put out Surtur Rising, another brutally delightful effort. The production's a little better than on 2008's effort, Twilight of the Thunder God; the distortion of the guitars is better preserved, without any detrimental effect on the cleaner passages. Lyrically, it's more of the same glorious Norse mythology, this time focusing on Surtr, a giant of fire. Musically, there are a few unexpected spots, but the majority of this disc is more of what Amon Amarth is known for: punishing melodic death metal. It's solid, and definitely worth a listen, but won't bring any new fans to the genre.

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The Addition of Google Plus

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Throughout the past few days, invites have been sent, talk has been spreading, and online users are wondering about on thing: Google Plus.

The social networking world has been changed with the release of Google's beta version of its social networking site that lets users connect with others on a more personal basis. The site allows people to categorize the people they know, personalizing the way that communication is exchanged. While the site allows for people to be sorted, people don't know which categories they are placed in. This capability is a reason that people are enjoying Google Plus.

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Fire Weather Information: Avoiding the Burning Summer

News - July 11, 2011


While several fires burn throughout the state of New Mexico, one might wonder what is involved in forecasting fire weather, and where to find information about fire weather.  

Wildfires need hot, dry and windy conditions to spread.  Typically, wildfires are more common in the summer months before the monsoon season due to the dry conditions, as well as the fact that more people are camping, setting off fireworks and just generally outside in the woods.  Furthermore, fires can be sparked by the lightning produced by the afternoon summer storms that often accompany summer weather or by high winds blowing over trees into power lines.   The fire near Los Alamos this year is believed to have been started by a tree falling into power lines during high winds.

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