Home Page for Paul Arendt

I am an Assistant Professor in the Physics Department at New Mexico Tech. (This page is a work in progress!)

My main interests are in mathematical physics, and specifically theoretical astrophysics. I am particularly interested in the physics of strong magnetic fields, such as are found in neutron stars. I teach a variety of courses; typically each semester will be a freshman physics section of mechanics (121) or electricity and magnetism (122), and a graduate course.

Contact Information:
Office: Workman Center 305
Phone: (575) 835-5431
email: parendt "at" (initials of "new mexico tech") "dot" (suffix for educational domains).

Courses taught this semester and a link to their webpages when available:
General Physics II (
Phys. 122 -04, -05, and -06)
Electromagnetism (Phys. 510)
Topics in Physics (Phys. 489-01)

Notes on Mathematical Physics:

Linear Operators (introducing and using Dirac notation)
Tensor Analysis (as used in General Relativity)