Physics 122 (General Physics II)

Welcome to the Physics 122, sections 01, 02, and 03 (Fall semester 2017 at New Mexico Tech), web page.

Exam 1 will be over the material we covered from chapters 32, 33, 15, 16, 34, and 35, (related HWs are 1 through 3 and Mastering Physics Assignments are 1 and 2). It won't be until at least a week after you've gotten your graded HW 3s back (and I'll announce the date at least a week in advance), but it's not too early to begin reviewing for it. You can find details about which topics to cover from which chapters and a summary of what's important from each in the study guide for test 1, which you can find from the "resources" link below.

Current Assignments:

Reading: Read Giancoli ch. 22 before Tuesday (26 Sept.).
Written HW 4 is due Thursday, 21 Sept.
Mastering Physics Assignment 3 is due Tuesday, 26 Sept.
Obtain an iClicker or download their "REEF polling" app for your smartphone, and register it at their website here (which also contains a link to purchasing the app). Bring it with you to class each day!
Obtain a Mastering Physics license for Giancoli 4th edition (this is a must!). Register for our course at the Mastering Physics website, available here. Our course is called MPARENDTFALL122 and please take care to make sure you enter that exactly, or you could end up enrolled in the wrong course.

Useful course information:

CRN: 62122 (-01), 62123 (-02), or 62818 (-03)
Location and Times: Workman Center 101, T Th 11:00-12:15; (recitation varies depending upon section)
Recitations (Workman 113): Tues. 4:30-6:25 pm (-01), Wed. 4:30-6:25 pm (-05), or Wed. 7:00-8:55 pm (-03)
Instructor: Paul Arendt
Office: Workman 305
Phone: -5431
email: Paul "dot" Arendt "at" nmt "dot" edu
Office hours: (to be announced soon)
Book: Giancoli, "Physics for Scientists and Engineers," 4th ed. (Pearson), with Mastering Physics supplement
Here is a link to the written HW assignments. (They will also be posted on Canvas.)

Some class materials are also on the Canvas server, available here.

The syllabus (last updated 19 Jan.) is here, in the format:

A page which links to study guides and sample cheat sheets for the tests is here.

A page linking to some very old quizzes, exams, and other stuff is  here.  

The best online site for getting help with physics (and other science and math too) is Physics Forums, available here.

Some other online physics resources can be found here.