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Introduction to MATLAB

Learn some of the basics of MATLAB here by downloading our introduction document! (sample files included)

MATLAB is a computational tool used by scientists and engineers to process and visualize data. We will start with the basics, import data, work with variables and equations, plot our results, and look at best-fit lines.

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Introduction to MATLAB

Intermediate MATLAB


Sample Wind Tunnel Data



Conditional Statements

Download all MATLAB files (.rar)

Introduction to LaTex

Take a look at LaTex as well!

LaTex (pronounced LAH-tek) is a typesetting language. This means that it takes text and commands in a scripted format, and then decides how best to present them on the page. Fortunately, it is very good at doing this, so even a rough LaTex document ends up looking very professional, and a well-written LaTex document can look better than almost anything MicrosoftWord or similar programs can produce.

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Intro to LaTex document




Download all LaTeX files here (.rar)

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