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Welcome to the Office for Student Learning (OSL) resource site. We work to provide a range of resources and programs for students and faculty. Student academic services include tutoring, the Learning Communities (LLC) program, Peer Mentoring, assistance with new student advising, and student success/professional development workshops.

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OSL Mission

The OSL works closely with faculty to make student success a priority. OSL strategies support student academic achievement and professional development, driven by carefully developed and implemented student learning outcomes. The OSL is a center of progressive student academic support initiatives and works with curricular and co-curricular programs to foster opportunities for student learning. The OSL provides a supportive space to develop community and foster collaboration.

Spring 2018 Help Hours

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Spring 2018 Help Hours

Department Schedules by Course
BIO 111 333
CHE 327 351 352
CHEM 121 122 311 334
CSE 107 113 122
ECON 252
EE 212 251 308
ES 111 201 216 302 303 316 332 347 350
ERTH 150 203
MATH 131 132 231 254 283 332 335 337 352 382
MENG 210 302 304 305 341 405 421 431 451
PHYS 121 122 222 242
PSY 121 131
Need help with a course that's not listed?

If you need help with a class that isn't listed above in the tutoring schedule, and you aren't sure where to go, you can contact Luz Diaz Barreras to get more information about adding a class to the OSL's list.

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