Math 530 (Math modeling)

My schedule
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Week T R
1 Intro (JS): modeling with basis functions   JS: basis functions, OM: SVD   Class2
2 OM: SVD   Class3   sound samples   Hw1 OM: fourier transform
3 OM: DFT   Class5   Project 1 JS: FT for PDE
4 Project 1: preliminary reports
OM: blurring using FFT
OM: blurring cont'd
5 Project 1: final reports
JS: cos/sin expansions in heat equation
Project 1: final reports cont'd
OM: heat equation   Hw2
6 JS: wave equation OM: numerics for heat eq'n and Matlab PDEtool
Project 2
7 JS: using FFT
Hw3 due March 5
Project 2 preliminary, JS: Finite Elements
8 JS: FEM Project 2 final reports
9 B   R E   A   K
10 Stochastic intro, Diffusion (OM) Reaction-Diffusion (JS)
11 Variational calculus (JS) Variational calculus (JS)
12 Markov Chains (OM) MC cont'd (OM)
13 MC cont'd Class 23 (OM)   Project 3 MC cont'd Class 24 (OM)
14 Reaction-Diffusion (JS)  Preliminary report-1 Frost Simulation example Class 26 (OM)
15 Preliminary report-2 Reaction-Diffusion (JS) 
16 Reaction-Diffusion (JS)   Final reports

Final version of the written report is due Monday, May 6 at noon.

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