Math 483 (Mathematical Statistics)

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Week M W F
1 1.1 - 1.6 Probability review   Hw1 Probability review: conditional Probability review   Hw2
2 Ch.2: RV's, CDF   Ch.2: some important RV's Ch.2
3 Ch.3: Expected values, Gamma     Hw3 Ch.3 Ch.3   MGF
4 Labor Day Ch.5 Ch.5   Hw4
5 Ch.5   Ch.5: CLT Ch.5: Delta method  
6 Ch.6     Hw5 Ch.6 Ch.6  
7 Ch.7 Empirical CDF     Ch.7 Behavior of Fhatn(x)   Review   Practice key
8 Exam 1     Ch.7   Hw6 Ch.7: plug-in estimates
9 Student T Handout     Ch.8   49ers break
10 Ch. 8     Ch. 9: MOM   Hw7 Ch. 9: MLE
11 Ch. 9: MLE     Ch. 9   Hw8 Ch. 9: Fisher Info
12 Ch. 9: MLE     Ch. 9   MVN handout Ch. 9: Multi-parameter case
13 Ch. 9: Multi-parameter delta method     Ch. 9   Hw9 Ch. 10
14 Project: premilinary presentations     Ch. 10   Wald tests Ch. 10   Wald tests
15 Ch. 10   Likelihood ratio test Ch. 10   LR test   Hw10   LR handout Thanksgiving break!
16 Ch. 13   Regression   p-value hacking Project presentations   Hw6-10 key Project presentations   practice Final   key

On projects: Please let me know ASAP if you're doing a project. Preliminary presentation due November 16. Final presentation: last week of class. Final report: due December 8.

Office Hours final week: 
  Monday,   Dec. 7,  8:30-11am   
  Thursday, Dec. 10, 4-5:50 pm 
 Final exam: December 7, 1:30 at Weir 128.

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