Math 483 (Mathematical Statistics)

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1 1.1 - 1.6 Probability review   Hw1 1.7, Chapter 2 Random variables
2 Chapter 2   R demo 1 Chapter 2: Poisson and Binomial, transformations, location and scale parameters, start E(X)   Hw2
3 Chapter 3: E(X), V(X), mixture example   Chapter 3: V(X1 + X2 + ... + Xn), MGF's   Hw3
4 Remote session: Sampling Distributions, LLN fail for Cauchy   R demo 2 No class
5 Gamma/Exponential/Normal properties. Ch.5: intro. to convergence in probability. R Lab: bring your laptop! Lab 1   code
6 Ch.5: convergence in distribution. CLT. Ch.6: Introduction into inference
7 Ch.6 continued Hw4 TBA

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