Presented by the NMT SAB and the New Mexico Tech Offroad Club (NMTORC)

Saturday, March 25th, 2017
Socorro, NM

General Information

All NMT Students are invited to compete. $5 to run (and be pulled out, if need be), and there will be a prize package given to the winner (not cash).

Preparations are underway for the NMT Mudbog 2017! We are looking forward to a larger, more exciting race this season.

Concessions will be provided! Please bring small bills.
Mudbog and other club shirts will be for sale!


8:00am to 9:30am Driver Registration
9:45am Driver's Meeting
10:00am First Run Begins
11:45am to 12:15pm Lunch Break
12:30pm Second Run Begins
4:00pm Payout


Located in Socorro, NM, 70 miles south of Albuquerque along I-25.

Admission Cost

Adults $5
Children 5-12 $2
Children Under 5 FREE!
NMT Students with ID FREE!
Admission After Half Time 1/2 Price



The NMT Mudbog would not be possible if not for our generous sponsors!
  • The New Mexico Tech Student Activities Board
  • NMT Facilities Management
  • NMT Campus Police
  • Magdalena Ridge Observatory
  • Trucks Unique
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • Raks Building Supply
  • Ace Hardware
  • Road Shower
  • Mountain Khakis
  • McNeils Barber Shop
  • Socorro Tire
  • Interested in Sponsoring? Contact the race coordinator.


Classes are based on New Mexico Mud Racing (NMMR) classes. Pay attention, there are some key differences!
NOTE: Classes may change at any time without notice.


  1. All vehicles must have a solid rear tow point!
  2. All participants must have and use a functioning safety belt.
  3. All vehicles must have eye protection.
  4. All vehicles must have brakes in good working condition.
  5. All vehicles must be cleared of debris.
  6. All batteries are to be secured to the vehicle in an appropriate location.
  7. Open headers must be pointed in a safe direction.
  8. It is strongly recommended that all participants wear a helmet.

Stock Class

  1. Tires: 37" Maximum, must be D.O.T. (No Cuts, No paddles, No tractor tires, etc.)
  2. Engine Displacement: Stock displacements only, must be correct for year, make, and model of vehicle. No strokers, Max .060" overbore.
  3. Body: Frame, engine, and body must be made by the same manufacturer. Example: a Ford frame must have Ford body and a Ford Engine.
  4. Ignition: No race ignition.
  5. Fuel: Gasoline, 91 octane max, no additives, or diesel only.
  6. Lifters: No roller lifters, no roller rockers, stock stamped only.
  7. No forced induction (turbochargers, superchargers) allowed.
  8. Must maintain 13 inches of vacuum @ 800 rpm.
  9. OEM cylinder heads only, must be made of OEM material.
  10. Any dual plane manifold allowed, open plenum allowed.
  11. Headers allowed, must exit down, and may be open.
  12. 600cfm single inlet carb max. Any OEM allowed.
  13. No body swaps, or interior gutting.
  14. Lifts allowed.
  15. Diesels must run stock tune or fuel plate, no injector or turbo upgrades

Pro Stock Class

  1. Tires: 40" Maximum, must be D.O.T. (No Cuts, No paddles, No tractor tires, etc.)
  2. Max Engine Displacement: Small Block - 412 cubic inches. Big Block- 473 cubic inches.
  3. OEM cast iron engine blocks only.
  4. OEM cast iron cylinder heads only.
  5. Body: Frame, engine, and body must be of the same manufacturer. Example: Chevy Body, Chevy Frame, Chevy Engine.
  6. No nitrous, no forced induction (superchargers, turbochargers), no alcohol allowed. (For gas engines only)
  7. Turbo Diesels must run stock turbo!
  8. Single carb 750 cfm max.
  9. Double-pumpers and Demon carbs allowed. No Dominators or Predators.
  10. Race headers allowed. Can point up, but not sideways.
  11. Race fuel allowed, no masking or cover scents allowed.
  12. OEM style transmission only.
  13. Must have full stock body, minor fender trimming for tire clearance only.
  14. No fiberglass replacement parts.
  15. May remove bumpers and tailgate.
  16. Full stock frame required.
  17. Full OEM glass required.
  18. Blazers/SUV type vehicle with pickup kit allowed.
  19. Battery may be relocated.
  20. Must maintain OEM suspension, lift kits allowed.
  21. Ladder bars and traction bars allowed.
  22. Must have roll protection if open top.
  23. Turbo Diesels must run stock turbo and injectors

Modified Class

  1. Tires 44" Maximum, must be D.O.T. (No Cuts, No Paddles, No tractor tires, etc.)
  2. Max cubic inch displacement: Small Block - 434, Big Block - 514.
  3. Aftermarket blocks allowed
  4. No forced induction (superchargers, turbochargers) or nitrous oxide allowed.
  5. Turbo diesel allowed, single turbo only.
  6. Headers must point rearward or up, not sideways.
  7. Any internal engine modifications allowed.
  8. Dual carbs, Demons, Dominators, and Predators are allowed.
  9. OEM transfer case only, no chain drives.
  10. Trans brakes allowed if you have trans shield. Driveshaft loops and U-joint shields recommended.
  11. OEM frames only, may be shortened or lengthened. No tube or box frames.
  12. Ladder bars and traction bars allowed.
  13. 3 and 4 link suspension allowed, coil-over suspension allowed.
  14. Front fenders and grille must surround engine.
  15. Engine must not extend beyond front of the body.
  16. Glass may be removed from vehicle.
  17. Interior Gutting allowed.
  18. No narrowed or race bodies.
  19. Body may not be completely removed.
  20. Vehicle must still have a firewall.
  21. Helmet is required.
  22. Must have roll protection.
  23. Diesels can run upgraded turbo and injectors, no water-methanol injection

Pro-Modified Class

  1. Tires 49" Maximum, D.O.T., Cuts allowed, or 49" Maximum Tractor Tire. No Paddles.
  2. Race gas or Methanol allowed, No nitro methane.
  3. No Nitrous Oxide.
  4. Max displacement 665 cubic inches.
  5. Aluminum heads and blocks allowed.
  6. No Superchargers or Turbochargers allowed.
  7. Any internal engine modifications allowed.
  8. Any carburetion or fuel injection system allowed.
  9. Must have externally accessible kill switch.
  10. Trans brakes allowed if you have trans shield. Driveshaft loops and U-joint shields recommended.
  11. Frame must pass safety inspection.
  12. Frame may be lengthened or shortened to fit body.
  13. Must have metal firewall.
  14. Engine must remain forward of firewall.
  15. Any suspension system allowed.
  16. Must have some form of a body (fiberglass allowed).
  17. Gutted bodies must have minimum 4 point roll cage.
  18. Must have some type of metal roof panel.
  19. Must have harness belts.
  20. Fire extinguisher, headsock, and gloves recommended.

Open Class

  1. Any automotive engine allowed.
  2. Aluminum heads and blocks allowed.
  3. Superchargers or Turbochargers allowed.
  4. Any internal engine modifications allowed.
  5. Any carburetion system allowed.
  6. Any fuel injection allowed.
  7. Must have kill switch externally accessible.
  8. Trans brakes allowed if you have trans shield. Driveshaft loops and U-Joint shilds recommended
  9. Frame must pass safety inspection
  10. Frame may be lengthened or shortened to fit body.
  11. Any suspension system allowed.
  12. Gutted bodies must have minimum 4 point roll cage.
  13. Must have some type of metal roof panel.
  14. Must have harness belts, fire extinguisher, approved firesuit, headsock, and gloves.
  15. Must be approved by tech inspectors as safe

Student Class

  1. Must be a current NMT student with ID
  2. Must follow all rules in the "All Classes" section above
  3. Anything else goes, as long as its determined to be safe by tech inspectors.
  4. Only one driver per vehicle, only one vehicle per driver.
  5. The winner is the one who gets through the mud either the fastest or the farthest.
  6. Winner will be given a special prize pack, not cash.
  7. Registration for the student class will close at 11am. Don't be late!


General Information

All classes will be charged an entry fee to compete. All collected money will pool to form one big pot. Each class will take a percentage of that pot, and each podium finish will take a percentage of that class's money.

EXAMPLE: Total pot is $2500. You place 1st in the Modified Class.
Modified class pays 25%, 1st place pays 50%.
$2500 × 0.25 × 0.50 = $312.50

Any class that has 3 or less racers will pay out only to 1st place. Payout amount will be 75% of that class's pot.

All of this sound confusing? Check out the prize calculator below!

Entry Fees

Stock $30
Pro Stock $50
Modified $60
Pro Modified $70
Open $75

Class Pot Percentages

Stock 15%
Pro Stock 20%
Modified 25%
Pro Modified 20%
Open 15%

Place Amounts

1st Place 50%
2nd Place 35%
3rd Place 12%

Sample Prizes

The following is a calculator to show how much each class will payout. Change the number of trucks in the left side, and watch the prizes in the right side! Click reset to use the numbers from last year's competition.

Entries Payouts
Class Entries
Class 1st 2nd 3rd
Stock $ $ $
Pro-Stock $ $ $
Modified $ $ $
Pro-Modified $ $ $
Open $ $ $

Remember, the more trucks that compete, the larger everyone's prizes are! Bring your friends!


  1. Running order will be determined randomly before the competition. All drivers are allowed to run twice. Second runs are in reverse order. Once the running order has been determined, registration is closed. There will be no late entries.
  2. Each vehicle will only be allowed to run with one driver.
  3. Each vehicle can run in two different classes if a tire change or class mod is performed. Another driver MUST be substituted. Entry fees apply for both classes.
  4. Drivers are responsible for ALL damage to their vehicles.
  5. Drivers will be responsible for the correct staging order.
  6. All drivers will submit to a pre-race vehicle inspection. Helmets are strongly recommended.
  7. All drivers that are awarded prizes will submit to a post-race vehicle inspection as well.
  8. When a vehicle number is called, the driver has 1 minute to start heading toward the line or face disqualification.
  9. All drivers must obey the starting line judge. Entrants will line up with the center of the front tire on the starting line and will not move until signaled by the starting line official.
  10. Drivers will stay between the mud pit edges and have 5 minutes time to make it through, but must be moving forward during all that time. If the vehicle ceases to move forward for longer than 30 seconds, the flagman will signal to the driver who will stop the competition.
  11. Distance measurement will be from the starting line to the final resting place of the center of the front tire.
  12. Time measurement starts at the first movement of the vehicle and continues until the center of the front tire crosses the finish line. Time measurement will be taken by two independent judges with two stopwatches. Final time is the average of the two recorded times.
  13. The driver must approve the tow hook up.
  14. Drivers must not exceed 5 MPH while exiting/entering the competition area.
  15. All vehicles must be removed from the competition area within 24 hours of the event ending.
  16. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed before, during, or after competition, or on the New Mexico Tech campus.
  17. Disobeying these rules will result in disqualification and the driver/crew may be asked to leave the grounds.
  18. All drivers must have a current, valid driver's license. Drivers under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian present and must have written permission from guardian to compete.
  19. Official's rulings are FINAL. Disputes of class placement must take place before first run. Further disputes of class placement, or recorded times, distances, final standings, etc. will incur a fee of $50. Fee will be refunded if dispute is accurate.


  1. At no time are drivers to exceed 5 MPH while in the pit area.
  2. No alcoholic beverages or intoxicated drivers will be allowed at the event.
  3. No glass containers allowed at the event site.
  4. Nobody under 16 allowed in the pitting area or in the mud pit until after the competition ceases.
  5. Eye protection is mandatory!
  6. Helmets are recommended for all classes.
  7. Helmets are required for open cab chassis.


The New Mexico Tech Mudbog is held by a group of individuals who promote Off Road Racing events to provide fun and safe entertainment for the NMT student body and the local community. Mud Bog racing is a hazardous activity. Being such, it is expected that all contestants and support personnel realize these dangers and take all necessary precautions to minimize these dangers. Participation in the New Mexico Tech Mud Bog is VOLUNTARY. If the driver feels that he or she does not have enough training or experience to operate a vehicle in the mud, he or she is highly encouraged to refrain from entering the competition. New Mexico Tech, its staff, sponsors, organizations, clubs, or any one else involved with the Mud Bog WILL NOT be held responsible for thefts, accidents, deaths, injuries, vehicle damage, or any other property or personal loss associated with this event.

All participants will be expected to have read and understand the above disclaimer and all the rules. They agree to follow all rules and obey the track official's rulings. They will not hold New Mexico Tech, its employees, sponsors, and affiliates responsible for any damage or injuries that are suffered or inflicted by or from their participation in this voluntary Mud Bog event. Participants also understand that there is a possibility that their vehicle or other personal property will be damaged by participating in this event, and they will not hold New Mexico Tech or any one involved with this event responsible for said damage.

All drivers will be expected to sign a liability waiver before being allowed to compete.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please contact one of the people below.

Tyler Mobraten, NMTORC President,
Benjamin Metzner, NMTORC Vice-President,

Past Results


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