New Mexico Tech Skeen Library - Off Campus Access

Off Campus Access to Electronic Resources

The license agreements for most of the Library's electronic resources allow remote (off campus) access only to members of the New Mexico Tech community who are currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. This means that if you wish to use these resources when you are off campus, you must authenticate that you are part of NMT by using a username and password. The two methods of remote access are explained below.


The EZProxy system allows authorized users to access restricted resources without using additional software or changing the configuration of your computer. When you try to connect to a research database or electronic journal from the library's web page, you will be connected to the EZProxy login screen and prompted for your library username (banner id) and password set by you here. Once you have been validated by the EZProxy system, a "cookie" is sent to your browser as an ongoing indication of your authorization to access these electronic resources. It will only need to be set once during each web browser session.

VPN Serve

Access to the VPN server is provided by the TCC and requires your TCC username/password. This method of remote access requires additional software and changing the configuration of your computer. Directions for using the VPN server are available from the TCC web page.