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Interlibrary Loan – FAQ's

Click on a question to reveal the answer. Below you will find two tutorials to get you started with ILL, including how to make an ILLiad account and how to request items through ILLiad.

What is an interlibrary loan?

An interlibrary loan is material that is loaned to NMT Skeen Library from another library. This material is subject to the home library's rules. This service exists to better serve our patrons and make more information available through our library.

What can I check out from ILL?

You may check out anything that Skeen Library or NMT bookstore does not already own. This includes books, academic articles, government publications, graphic novels, and electronic media.

Distance Students may request scans or copies of articles and chapters. Books from the Skeen Library may be requested through ILL and mailed to you. Books from other libraries cannot be mailed to you and should be requested through your local library.

Who can request an interlibrary loan?

Skeen Library ILL services are limited to NMT students, faculty and staff.

Can I order textbooks for classes?

No. The Skeen Library has a contract with the NMT bookstore stating that we may not make textbooks for NMT classes available to students.

How long does it take for material to arrive at NMT?

Articles are usually delivered to us electronically and can show up as early as the same day or as late as 1-2 weeks. Book loans will arrive between 1-3 weeks.

Please note that delivery times depend on the availability of the material you have requested.

Why has my request been cancelled?

There are a few reasons why a request will be cancelled.

  1. There is an error in your citation.
    If you have made an error in the titles, volumes, issues, dates, or authors, we may not be able to find your request. Therefore you should go through and correct mistakes and resubmit your request.

  2. Skeen Library owns the material.
    The Skeen Library's Agreement Policy with brother libraries forbids us from requesting material that is already available in our library. If we have the material, we will contact you with instructions on where to find the material within our collection.

  3. You have requested something rare.
    Sometimes we receive requests that no library can fill.

Where do I pick up my ILL material?

You can pick up your material by visiting the front circulation desk and telling them you are there to pick up from ILL. You will need a photo-ID.

Can I renew books checked out from ILL?

You may renew your material by visiting the ILL office or e-mailing us at illdept@nmt.edu four days before your due date. If your ILL book strap says "NO RENEWALS" on it, then your material may not be renewed per the home library's rules.

What happens if I forget to pick up my material?

The home library decides when your material will be due. If you leave ILL books in the NMT Skeen library past the due date it will be returned to the home library without notice. You are responsible for picking up your material.

We hold articles at the Skeen library for one month after the date we contact you regarding its availability. After one month, due to copyright law, your article will be destroyed.

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