--> New Mexico Tech Student Grotto

Welcome to the New Mexico Tech Student Grotto!

The NMT student Grotto is a club at New Mexico Tech funded by the New Mexico Tech Gym. We are a group of students interested in crawling around in muddy dark places under ground. Official club trips are held multiple times every semester and attendance is open to NMT students free of charge (and non-students are welcome to attend as well). The club maintains a set of caving gear for those people who do not have their own.


Caving club meetings typically happen on the first Thursday of every month, but check to calendar to make sure. Typically pictures of past adventures are shown, and upcoming events are announced. If you are interested in caving, or just don't have something to do one evening, you should attend.

In addition, the club has business meetings roughly once a month to take care of paperwork and other boring necessities. These meetings have open attendance, but typically only the club officers attend.

Finally, because the NMT Student Grotto is a club funded by the NMT gym, there are gym meetings once a month which require the attendance of one club officer. These meetings are open to all NMT students if you would like to attend.

Mailing List:

If you would like to be kept informed of the various caving relating happenings in the Socorro area, or are looking for some people to take along on your next caving adventure, the NMT student grotto maintains a mailing list at caving(at)lyris.nmt.edu. Subscribing to the mailing list can be done following these directions. Optionally, you can try sending mail to nmtcaver(at)nmt(.)edu, and one of the overworked students who run the club will add you.