Materials Engineering Department
John D. McCoy, PhD

Position: Professor, Department Chair
Research Interests: Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Epoxies, Thermodynamics of Phase Transitions and of Inhomogeneous Polymeric Materials, Chemical Kinetics, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Density Functional Theory, Glass Transition

Office: Jones 126

Email: mccoy[at]

Phone: (575) 835-5379



Nikolai Kalugin, PhD

Position: Professor
Research Interests: Optical and Electron Transport Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures (excitons in quantum well and quantum dot structures, 2DEG systems and quantum Hall effect), Graphene, Graphite, Carbon Nanotubes, THz Lasers & Detectors, THz via Quantum Coherence, Quantum Optics, Femtosecond CARS for bio applications, Chirality

Office: Jones 128

Email: nkalugin[at]

Phone: (575) 835-6508


T. David Burleigh, PhD

Position: Professor, Department Co-Chair
Research Interests: Corrosion and prevention, electrochemistry, anodizing of steel, corrosion resistant magnesium alloys, corrosion of roll bonded aluminum, microbial influenced corrosion of copper alloys.

Office: Jones 114

Email: burleigh[at]

Phone: (575) 835-5831



Chelsey Z. Hargather, PhD

Position: Asisstant Professor
Research Interests: Improvement of Ni-base superalloys used in commercial jet engine applications using first-principles calculations and CALculation of PHAse Diagrams (CALPHAD) modeling technique. First-principles calculations of self-, dilute, and non-dilute diffusion coefficients in fcc and bcc metals. Database development of Ni-base superalloy systems using the CALPHAD approach.

Office: Jones 100

Email: czh[at]

Phone: (575)-835-5582



Paul A. Fuierer, PhD

Position: Professor
Research Interests: Fabrication and Characterization of Ceramics, Novel Ceramic Processing, Thin Film Processing, Hot Forging of Oxide Ceramic Composites

Office: Jones 23

Email: fuierer[at]

Phone: (575) 835-5497



Dale Henneke, PhD

Position: Associate Professor
Research Interests: Nanoparticle Reactor Design, Nanomaterial Transport Modelling, Applied Nanotechnology, Optical Waveguides

Office: Jones 163

Email: henneke[at]

Phone: (575) 835-5465

Bhaskar Majumdar, PhD

Position: Professor
Research Interests: Deformation and Fracture of Metals, Composites, Thin Films, Microstructure/Property Relationships, Super Alloys, Smart Materials

Office: Jones 104

Email: majumdar[at]

Phone: (575) 835-5152



Narjes Fredj, PhD

Position: Research Associate
Research Interests: Aging of organic coatings, corrosion of antibacterial alloys, thermal and mechanical characterization of cured epoxies, and mitigation of Sn whiskers in electroplated thin films through doping.

Office: 112

Email: narjes.fredj[at]

Phone: (575) 835-5731


Rhiannon Ross

Position: Department Specialist
Specialties: Administrative Activity, Timecards

Office: 159

Email: mtls[at]

Phone: (575) 835-5229