Dr. Pullin and his research group at Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo reservation in AZ

Environmental and Analytical Chemistry

Scientific research in my group focuses on aqueous environmental chemistry and the development of analytical methods and approaches for water analysis and monitoring.. Our current projects include a study of uranium chemistry and uranium contamination in the four corners area of the U.S. southwest, a study of dissolved organic matter in high mountain streams in northern New Mexico, the development of an autonomous water analysis laboratory, and the development of automated, in situ analyzers for iron and ammonia in natural waters. Click on Research above for more details.

Educational Programs

In addition to scientific research, I also develop and direct programs designed to increase the retention and engagement of undergraduate STEM students. Current projects include a statewide undergraduate research program and a program to develop 2+3 degree STEM degree programs with five colleges in northern New Mexico and to support students in those programs. Click on Educational Projects above for more information.

Current Group Members

Graduate Students

  • Earth Sciences
  • Yaika Echevarria Roman
  • Sarah Hendrickson

    Undergraduate Students
  • Ryan Schwingle
  • Elizabeth Tysor

  • Group Alumni

  • Asitha Cooray, Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2013
    Currently a faculty member at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in Sri Lanka

  • Paul Gabrielsen, M.S. in Hydrology, 2012
    Currently employed at the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center

  • Andrea Higdon, M.S. in Chemistry, 2010
    Currently employed at

  • Angela Nivala (Dickey), M.S. in Chemistry, 2007
    Recently completed a Ph.D. in Nutrition at Colo. State