New Mexico Tech Shock and Gas Dynamics Laboratory

Weir Hall 120
Socorro, NM, 87801


fax: 575-835-5209


The New Mexico Tech Shock and Gas Dynamics Laboratory is an experimental research laboratory led by Dr. Michael Hargather. This laboratory will conduct research on a variety of thermal-fluid dynamics topics while educating graduate and undergraduate students. The lab philosophy is to perform high-quality, cutting-edge research while educating students in the research process, including the design of experiments, data collection and analysis, research sponsor interaction and technical writing.

The research focus of the lab is experimental thermal-fluid dynamics with specialties in optical flow diagnostics. Optical techniques including schlieren and shadowgraphy are prominent tools of this experimental lab and are applied to studying high-speed gas dynamics, energetic materials, and thermal convection problems.


Recent News

  • February - The 2018 High Speed Digital Imaging Techniques for Blast and Impact Measurement short course will be held on July 11-13, 2018, in Socorro, NM. Registration is now open!
  • January - The 2018 semester has begun and Dr. Hargather is teaching MENG431 Fluid Thermal Systems and MENG556 Compressible Flow.
  • November - Our entire group traveled to Denver, CO, for the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting with 5 students presenting at the conference!
  • October - A new publication on lithium ion battery work was publised in Journal of Energy Storage with Austin Mier as first author: