CHEM 122 - General Chemistry

Emphasizes basic kinetics, thermodynamics, equilibria, acids, bases, buffers, red-ox reactions, electrochemistry, an introduction to nuclear chemistry.


CHEM 311 - Quantitative Analysis

This course is offered in every Spring and Fall. Main topics covered in this class include:

(1). Measurement statistics (2). Fundamental theory and techniques in traditional analysis (3). Analysis based on chemical equilibrium (4). Volumetric and gravimetric analysis (5). Electrochemical techniques, and (6). Introduction to spectroscopy.


CHEM 411 - Advanced Instrumental Methods

This course is offered only in Fall semester. The aim of this course is to give you basic understanding of selected analytical instruments, their function, and their uses. It is not possible to get the thorough knowledge of these instruments and become an expert just from a course like this. However the fundamental knowledge you acquire will be useful for you to have the confidence in learning and using these instruments and related techniques in depth. Some of the topics covered in this course include:

(1). Components in analysis  (2). Signal and noise  (3). Atomic Spectroscopy (4). Molecular spectroscopy (5). Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) (6). Mass Spectroscopy (MS) (7). Basic chromatography  (8). Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip (9). Introduction to surface plasmon resonance (10). Introduction to flow cytometry.


CHEM 412/512 - Advanced Topics in Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry has become a multi disciplinary subject. Over the last two decades, new concepts and techniques have been integrated into traditional Analytical Chemistry. Aim of the this course is to introduce some of new analytical concepts and techniques and provide guidance to explore more in selected topics. Topics are changed yearly. A typical course will include:

(1). Lab-on-a-Chip / Micro-toal Analytical Systems  (2). New trends in fluorescence spectroscopy (3). Particle based analysis (4). Chemical and Bio sensors (5). Hands on experience in microfluidic analysis.


CHEM 413/513 - Separation Science

This course will cover most traditional chromatographic techniques used in chemical synthesis and analysis. The latter sections of the course will discuss novel separation techniques emerged in last few years.


Bioanalytical and Microfluidics Research Group - New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology