Current Research

Our research is multidisciplinary, involving Analytical & Bio-analytical chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, and Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. We mainly focus on developing new methods for chemical and biochemical analysis. Our group especially interested in creating diagnostic tools using microfluidics, micro and nano particles, acoustics, and fluorescence spectroscopic techniques. Current projects include:

Developing novel tools for malaria detection: We investigate utilizing sound waves in microfluidics to create a rapid malaria detection tool. Colorimetric detection of cholera-type toxins: Here we explore polymer-monolith based colorimetric detection of cholera and similar toxins. Diagnostic and prognostic tools for malnutrition: The aim of this project is to develop enzyme based microfluidic tool for malnutrition detection.


NMT startup


NIH – UNM sub-award for “High volume high throughput affordable acoustic flow cytometry”


NIH-INBRE – “Novel diagnostic tools for Malaria”


Bioanalytical and Microfluidics Research Group - New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology