Lab Safety Information

All lab members are required to watch following lab safety videos and follow required lab safety rules.


1. A Day in the Lab (a PI's Perspective) - Overview of keeping the lab safe from the perspective of a Principal Investigator who encounters   different scenarios with students.

2. Outfit for Safety - Overview of appropriate PPEs (personal protective equipment) for lab safety.

3. To be (Safe) or not to be - Rational for safety procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE) in undergraduate lab setting.

4. Working with pyrophoric reagents -Transfer, use and storage of pyrophoric chemicals.

5. Experimenting with Danger - Hazards associated with conducting research at chemical laboratories in academic institutions.

Basic Lab Safety Rules
1. Watch all lab safety videos.
2. Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the lab.
3. No eating, chewing gum, or drinking in the lab.
4. Proper dress and shoes must be worn all time, no flip flops or opened-toe shoes. Strongly suggest to wear lab coats.
5. Lab coat must be worn when working with chemicals.
6. No earphones/headphones or loud music.
7. No food or drinks should be stored in the refrigerator.
8. Read all procedures and associated safety information prior to the start of an experiment.
9. Dispose of waste chemicals, sharp objects, and broken glasses as instructed.
10. Label all chemicals (even water), and wastes as instructed.
11. Read MSDS before opening a new chemical bottle, starting a chemical reaction, and disposing a chemical waste. 12. Add any new chemical to online inventory and keep a paper copy of its' MSDS in "MSDS Folder" and upload the e-file to "MSDS Dropbox".
13. In an emergency call 911 (campus police 575-835-5555) and notify the PI.


Bioanalytical and Microfluidics Research Group - New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology