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Warren Ostergren
Vice President of Academic Affairs/Professor


Curriculum Vitae
Brown 201A


PhD – Mechanics - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

MS – Engineering - Brown University, Providence, RI

BS – Mechanical Engineering - University of Rochester, Rochester, NY


Program Management (new part introduction, team integration and critical path planning)

Mechanics of materials (fatigue, fracture, constitutive behavior and creep/rupture)

Structures (stress analysis, finite elements, thermal analysis and deformation)

Design (Six sigma, design for manufacturability, rotor dynamics)

Power Generation (aircraft engines, steam & gas turbines, combined cycles)

Professional Publications

Jarvis, MS, Ostergren, WJ, and Smith, B., "The Applicability of Electrically Driven Accessories for Turboshaft Engines", ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, April 1995, p. 221.

Peterson, LG; Hrencecin, DE; Schilling, WF and Ostergren, WJ, “Development of Hybrid Gas Turbine Technology”, Gas Turbine Division ASME, 1982.

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Ostergren, WJ and Embley, GT, “Mechanical Property Requirements for Hot Section Components in Gas Turbines”, EPRI Conference, 1981.

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Ostergren, WJ and Krempl, E, “A Linear Uniaxial Damage Accumulation Law for Creep-Fatigue Interaction”, Joint ASME/CSME Pressure Vessel & Piping Conference, Montreal, Canada, Mar. 1978.

Ostergren, WJ, “Correlation of Hold Time Effects in Elevated Temperature Low-Cycle Fatigue Using a Frequency Modified Damage Function”, ASME-MPC Symposium on Creep-Fatigue Interaction, Dec. 1976, p. 179.

Ostergren, WJ, “A Damage Function and Associated Failure Equations for Predicting Hold-Time and Frequency Effects in Elevated Temperature, Low-Cycle Fatigue”, Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Vol.4, Sept. 1976, p. 327.

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