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Seokbin Lim, Ph.D
Associate Professor


Curriculum Vitae
(575) 835-6589
Weir 119


Ph.D. Energetic Material (EM) emphasis, Missouri S&T , Rolla, MO, May 2006

M.S. Energetic Material (EM) emphasis, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO, December 2003

B.S. Mechanical Design Engineering. Chungnam National University, South Korea, February 2000


Energetic material science/technology/safety

Shock physics (Two-stage light-gas gun, VISAR)

Computational modeling (Autodyn, LS-Dyna)

Design of energetic materials systems (Hi-Cam)

Shaped charges (LSCs, CSCs) and EFPs.

Laser safety

Course Instruction

MENG 545 (EXPL 311): Introduction to Explosives Engineering

MENG 549 (EXPL 412): Shockwave Propagation

MENG 550: Advanced Explosives Engineering

MENG 553: Numerical Modeling of Detonation

MENG 555 (EXPL 418): Shock Physics and Structural Response to Blast

MENG 586L: Special Topic -Explosives Science and Application Lab

Research Activities

Office of Naval Research (ONR) funded “Development of Novel Methodological Approaches for the Rapid Creation of Expedient Tactical Entry Holes in Typical Urban Wall Systems (Phase I ~ III). PI

Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) funded “An Engineering Design of Linear Shaped Charges Driven by Electro-magnetic Forces (Phase I ~ III)” . PI

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funded “DHS Homeland Security Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Career Development Grant (CDG): New Mexico Tech Explosives Engineering HS-STEM Program”. PI

National Science Foundation (NSF) funded “Course Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI): Explosives Engineering Laboratory for Undergraduate (EELU)” - Phase I. Co-PI

Development of an innovative excavation (deep drilling) system utilizing exothermic amplification of pulsed electromagnetic power (EAPERD project) - Phase I, Co-PI

Recent Journal Publications

Lim, Seokbin. “Acceleration profile of a flat flyer driven by detonation isentrope”Propellants Explosives Pyrotechnics, 38(3), 410-418, 2013

Lim, Seokbin, “Jet Velocity Profile of Linear Shaped Charges Based on the Arced Liner” Journal of Energetic Materials, 31(4), 239~250, 2013

Matthew Johnston & Seokbin Lim. •Numerical observation of the jet flight patterns of linear shaped charges”. Appl. Sci. 2(3), 629~640, 2012.

Lim, Seokbin, “Steady State Equation of Motion of a Linear Shaped Charges Liner”International Journal of Impact Engineering, 44, 10~16, 2012