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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department administers the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
degree for those students wanting to pursue an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering. Applicants
to the program are expected to hold a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Applicants with a B.S.
degree in a related Engineering or Science field will be considered, however, these applicants must
demonstrate competence in mathematics and the basic undergraduate mechanics offered in a typical
mechanical engineering curriculum, such as differential equations, thermodynamics, mechanics of materials,
and engineering dynamics. The degree may be earned with a thesis or independent study option.
Students selecting the independent study option must complete one additional three credit elective course.

There are currently four areas of specialization for this degree:

  • Specialization in Explosives Engineering
  • Specialization in Fluid and Thermal Sciences
  • Specialization in Mechatronics Systems Engineering
  • Specialization in Solid Mechanics

Degree Requirements (Spring 2016)
A minimum of 30 credit hours is required for the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Core Specialization Courses - 12 credit hours from the listed core courses of
    the selected specialization listed below:

    • Specialization in Explosives Engineering core classes:MENG 545,
      Introduction to Explosives Engineering; MENG 546, Detonation Theory;
      MENG 549, Wave Propagation; MENG 550, Advanced Explosives Engineering;
      MENG 575, Advanced Engineering Mathematics.

    • Specialization in Fluid and Thermal Sciences core classes: MENG 556
      Compressible Fluid Flow; MENG 575, Advanced Engineering Mathematics;
      MENG 577, Advanced Fluid Mechanics; MENG 578, Advanced Thermodynamics;
      MENG 579, Advanced Heat Transfer; MENG 580, Computational Fluid Dynamics
      and Reactive Flow.

    • Specialization in Mechatronics Systems and Robotics core classes: MENG 541,
      Vibrations in Elastic Continuum; MENG 544/EE 544, Modern Control Theory;
      MENG 548/EE 548, Manipulator Based Robotics; MENG 551, Sensor Technology; MENG 575,
      Advanced Engineering Mathematics; MENG 576, Biomedical Mechatronics.

    • Specialization in Solid Mechanics core classes: MENG 504, Advanced Mechanics
      of Materials; MENG 515, Theory of Elasticity; MENG 516, Plates and Shells;
      MENG 517, Advanced Finite Element Method; MENG 520, Fracture Mechanics;
      MENG 524 Continuum Mechanics; MENG 541 Vibration in an Elastic Continuum;
      MENG 583, Engineering Mechanics of Composite Structures.

  • Elective Courses - 6 credit hours of graduate level MENG courses. The advisory
    committee may allow for a maximum of 3 credits of out of department graduate
    level coursework hours to apply to the elective course requirement.

  • Out of Department courses - 6 credit hours of approved upper-division or
    graduate course work from another department. The advisory committee may
    determine that a student's previous academic experience has provided breadth
    and may recommend modification of this requirement.

  • MENG 591, Thesis (6 credit hours) or MENG 590, Independent Study (3 credit hours)
    - A student must prepare and submit a thesis to his/her advisory committee for
    approval in accordance with the general requirements of the graduate school, or
    complete an independent study with accompanying report.

  • Students must take MENG 585, Graduate Seminar, each semester offered if the
    student is in residence. Distance-education and part-time students are required
    to take two semesters of MENG 585. Only one credit of MENG 585 may be used to
    fulfill degree requirements. MENG 585 must be taken for a letter grade if used
    to fulfill degree requirements.

Students are encouraged to check the University Catalog for prior/current degree requirements.

Applications are currently being accepted for admission to the MS program. Applicants are encouraged to apply by January 15 for Fall admission and by September 15 for Spring admission, to be considered fully for graduate assistantships.
To apply please visit the NMT Graduate School page.