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Graduate Admissions

The Industrial Mathematics Program

Master of Science Degree in Mathematics with Emphasis in Industrial Mathematics

Industry and business provide many areas for the application of advanced mathematics, and many possibilities for mathematicians to make signficant contributions. New Mexico Tech offers a program to prepare students for these opportunities. The requirements are

  • Basic mathematical background - Math 410, 411 Numerical Analysis; Math 437, 438 Differential Equations; Math 483 Statistics; or the equivalents
  • Modeling courses - Math 430 Mathematical Modeling; Math 530 Modeling Case Studies
  • Core industrial mathematics courses - two of the following: Math 511 Numerical Analysis; Math 518 Nonlinear Optimization; Math 532 Perturbation Methods; Math 535 Mathematical Physics; Math 587 Time Series
  • A concentration of four related courses, at least two at the 500 level (beyond two in requirement 3) and at least two in another department. The courses to satisfy this requirement must be approved by the Industrial Mathematics group.
  • Each student spends one term, usually summer, in an internship in an industrial position. This internship is arranged through the Industrial Mathematics group, and should involve mathematical modeling, computation and analysis. Some possible internship positions are listed below.
  • Math 590 Independent Study or Math 591 Thesis; and sufficient courses to fulfill the general requirements of the Master of Science degree.