Graduate Admissions

The Industrial Mathematics Program

430 Mathematical Modeling, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Prerequisites: Math 254, 335 and 382 passed with grade C- or better

  • An introduction to the process of developing, analyzing and refining mathematical models. Deterministic and probabilistic models are considered for both discrete and continuous problems. Applications to a variety of fields.

  • 530 Modeling Case Studies, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

    Prerequisite: Math 430 or equivalent

  • Open ended modeling projects from actual applications.

  • 532 Perturbation Methods, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

    Prerequisite: Math 437 or equivalent

  • A survey of expansion techniques. Regular and singular perturbations. Poincaré- Linstedt method. Matched asymptotic expansions. Multiple scales.