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Math Department

Socorro, NM 87801
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Recent Graduates From The Math Department


Joey Coburn, Comparison of Multiple Testing Methods to Analyze RNA-Seq Data on Simulated and Real Data Sets, MS Thesis.
Adviser: W.D. Stone.

Adili Abiti, Random Attractors For Stochastic FitzHugh-Nagumo Systems, MS Thesis.
Adviser: Bixiang Wang.

Jared Duffy, Comparison of Field Line Resonance Measurements with a Physics-based Plasmasphere Model, MS Thesis.
Adviser: W.D. Stone.


Todd Wolford, A Model for a Continuously Size Structured Fish Population, PhD Thesis.
Adviser: W.D. Stone.


Robert Aumer, Calibration of Low Energy Production of 36-Cl and the Creation of an Exposure Age Calculator, MS Thesis, 2011.
Adviser: Brian Borchers.


Jon Robert Brown, Dynamic Heat Capacity of the East Ising Model, MS Thesis, 2009.

Adviser: Brian Borchers.

Aaron Wilson, Applying a Boundary Point Method to an SDP Relaxation of the Maximum Independent Set Problem for Branch and Bound, MS Thesis, 2009.
Adviser: Brian Borchers.


Taylor Dotson, Relaxation Behavior in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Simple Polymers , MS Thesis, 2008.
Adviser: Brian Borchers.