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Graduate Update

A sampling of where some of our alumni are now
Grad. Year Name Program Thesis title Initial employer/school Current employer/school
2003 Rajeed Carriman   The Dynamic Behavior of Two Shocks in Air, Before and After Combining    
Paul Mondragon        
Rachel Williams OR/Stat Predicting Graudation, NCLEX-RN-Performance, and Students at Risk in ADN Nursing Program    
Todd Wolford   Model for Water Flow on the Bottom of a Cylinder    
2002 Hariharan Kandasamy OR/Stat Estimation of Reliability Function under Different Censoring Schemes for the Weibull Distribution    
Sathish Indika OR/Stat Rayleigh Parameter Estimation Using Complete and Censored Data Ph.D. program at Clemson
Jeffrey Stalvey OR/Stat Inversion of Nighttime Electron Densities Using Satellite Observations    
2001 Scott Bucholtz   Stegosaurus and Gaussian-RSA: New Steganographic and Cryptographic Systems Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies (Los Alamos, NM)
Meiling Tong-Morrison Industrial Stability in a Predator-Prey System due to Phenotypic Mutation of the Predator Logicon (Albuquerque, NM)
Mark Pfannenstiel OR/Stat A Real Options Approach to Capital Budgeting Kaiser Permanente (Oakland, CA)
Jessica Maes-Iverson OR/Stat An Exploratory Study of Retention Efforts Using Logistic Regression and Discriminant Analysis T. V. I. (Albuquerque, NM) (faculty)  
Julie Luna OR/Stat Predicting Student Retention and Academic Success at New Mexico Tech T. V. I. (Albuquerque, NM) (staff)
2000 David Kebler   Solutions of the Diffusion Equation with One or More Sinks Using the Method of Multiple Scales Ph.D. program at Montana State University - Bozeman Ph.D. program at the University of Utah
Baokun Li   Projection dimension and continuity Ph.D. program at NMSU  
Timothy Hannan   Elliptic Curves and Public Key Cryptography Ph.D. program at NMSU  
1999 Roseanna Neupauer OR/Stat A Comparison of Two Methods for Recovering the Release History of a Groundwater Contaminant Source Ph.D. student in Hydrology at NMT University of Virginia (faculty)
Steve Rowswell   Solving the quasi-linear wave equation using particle splitting methods in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Applied Math Ph.D. program at the University of Washington  
Pansy Stone   RSA and Public Key Cryptography UNM Valencia (faculty)  
Jon F. Stinger OR/Stat Nonlinear Inversion of 834 Angstrom Airglow to Ionospheric O+ Number Density    
1998 Alex Hilgendorf OR/Stat Linear and Nonlinear Models for Inversion of Electrical Conductivity Profiles in Field Soils from EM-38 Measurements Wingra Technologies  
1997 John Hanna   The Use of Partitions to Enumerate Irreducible Monic Polynomials over Finite Fields El Paso Community College (faculty)
Matthew Wells        
Judith Furman OR/Stat An Exact Parallel Algorithm for the Maximum Satisfiability Problem Ph.D. program at Clemson  
Mark Raymond Cooke OR/Stat The Kalman Filter: An Overview Decision Focus Inc.  
1996 John Cernazanu OR/Stat Decision Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation and Importance Sampling Hughes Aircraft  
Sean Hatch   Analysis of the power spectrum as applied to the large scale structure of the universe    
Morris Rodrigue   Prime Number Series (independent study) Clovis Community College (faculty)