Graduate Admissions

The Graduate Program

To obtain the requirements to be a New Mexico Tech grad student and to download the required application forms, go to:
Graduate Admissions

The Department of Mathematics at New Mexico Tech offers a Ph.D. in Applied and Industrial Mathematics, and Master's degrees in several areas, including options in analysis, operations research & statistics, and industrial mathematics. Our graduate program designs each student's program around his or her interests.

The MS degree program ofers three options. The MS degree in mathematics is a flexible program that allows students to specialize in many areas of pure and applied mathematics. The MS in mathematics with Operations Research and Statistics Option is for students who wish to specialize in operations research and statistics. The MS in mathematics with emphasis in Industrial Mathematics is for students who wish to specialize in industrial mathematics.

To learn more about our Master's and Ph.D. requirements, visit page 87 of our catalog.

The department has a number of teaching and research assistantships for graduate students. These assistantships provide a stipend and tuition waiver. Teaching assistants typically work 20 hours per week teaching sections of precalculus and calculus courses, supervising calculus "laboratories", and tutoring students in the department's help room. Research assistants work on research projects within the department and in conjunction with other researchers at New Mexico Tech.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the stipends for first year teaching assistants begin at $20,359 (9 months) or $26,813 (12 months). Summer employment may also be available.

Many students in the graduate program work in the general area of applied and industrial mathematics. Industrial mathematicians work along with engineers and scientists to solve complicated problems facing industry and government.

Students preparing for a career in this area need to develop a broad background in mathematics, modeling skills, computer skills, and communication skills. The mathematics department's professional development seminar, courses in applied mathematics, operations research, and statistics, and research projects are intended to help students to develop the necessary skills. Students often work on thesis projects in collaboration with other researchers at New Mexico Tech and elsewhere. Recent graduates have found employment at BDM, Hughes Aircraft, Microsoft, The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Phillips Laboratories, and other industrial organizations and government laboratories.

Other students work in a variety of areas in pure mathematics. Some students prepare for careers in community college teaching. Experience as a graduate student teaching assistant can be especially helpful. Recent graduates have found employment at San Juan Community College and Clovis Community College. Students can also use the MS program to prepare for entry into our PhD program. Recent graduates have also entered PhD programs at Clemson, Pennsylvania State University and Boston University.

A listing of some recent graduates and places where our graduates have found employment is available.