In Memoriam

Our friend, colleague, gifted instructor, mentor, and dedicated family man, Dr. Arthur E. Bukowski passed away Thursday, February 18, 2016 at the age of 71 years.  He passed following extensive complications related to extended internal bleeding in the gastro-intestinal/adrenal mass/pancreas.

Art Bukowski was born in Brownsville PA, one of five children to Joe and Ellen Bukowski and the only one to go to college. Art and his wife Marcia of 50+ years have 6 children (Kelly, Donde, Steve, Devon, Lacey, and Lea), and 16 grandchildren of which one is considering NMT for the fall of 2016.

Art finished his BS and MS in Mathematics at Ohio University and was teaching mathematics and physics as an undergraduate and graduate student.  Dr. Art Bukowski received his PhD from the University of New Mexico in 1972.  In 1972 he was offered a tenure track position at Ohio State University, and instead of taking this position, Art opted for a position overseas where he taught in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (UPM). In 1974 he was offered a full time position at Sandia National Laboratories in a special applied mathematics group headed by Dr. Gustavus Simmons, upon taking the positions all federal funds for new positions had been frozen due to the oil embargo and Art returned to UPM in Dhahran. In 1976 Art took a position at the University of Alaska in Anchorage, Alaska (UAA).  He taught for 22 year at the University of Alaska and was the department chairman for 14 of those years.  He is a Professor Emeritus from UAA, where he retired in 1998.  During his time in Alaska he took a sabbatical to Cairo, Egypt (1985-1986) where he taught at the Egyptian Air Force Academy. 

Art took a Lecturer's position at NMT in 2000 having retired Professor Emeritus from the University Alaska in Anchorage. While at Tech, he mostly taught Calculus I-III but occasionally Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis and when the students would request it he would teach Abstract Algebra.  He was scheduled to teach four classes this spring before his illness put him in the hospital even then we had big plans for his return.  During 2003-2005 he taught while on leave from NMT at Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) in Kuwait, Kuwait.
He loved to teach! He truly enjoyed spending time with students.  He always had time to answer student questions and a line of students out the door during office hours.  We will miss seeing him with his entourage of students on his way back to his office after class. He would be answering questions, telling jokes, smiling and laughing.  It was clear he was never going to stop teaching as it was what he loved.  Art's students are all over the world in many occupations and leadership roles.  Art was more than just a math professor to his students, a lifelong friend to his friends, a wonderful father and grandfather, and a loving and dedicated husband; he was a great man that we were all fortunate to have known.
What we, and we imagine most of Art's students, friends, and colleagues, will miss most, however, is Art's warmness, kindness, and authenticity. He had an easy-going, approachable way about him, a wonderful smile and laugh, and a clear appreciation of us all being in this together. Art, and his mustache, were well-known and well-loved around campus. His colleagues both near and far miss him terribly. For the department, the university, and the discipline his loss is immeasurable.
We hope he is resting well.


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I am very sad to hear of the death of Art Bukowski.  Art was a colorful and caring instructor. He will be missed. Please accept my condolences
for your department's loss.

Elaine DeBrine Howell, MA, LPCC
Associate Dean for Student Success
New Mexico Tech

I am so sorry to hear that Art has passed away.  My thoughts are with everyone from your department at this difficult time.  Please let us know
if there is anything we can do to help at the OSL.

Drea Rae Killingsworth
Living Learning Community Coordinator
New Mexico Tech

Dr.Art was always nice to me. We had many fun moments and nice discussions about many things. He is a person with distinguished sense of humor or as they say in Egypt 'a person with light blood'. My condolences to his family. RIP Dr.Art.

Sameh A. Eisa
Ph.D Candidate and TA in the Math Department, New Mexico Tech.

Dr. Bukowski was a remarkable teacher, one I respected greatly. Some students had warned me that his teaching style was difficult to follow,
but when I took Trigonometry with him, he made it so simple and understandable that I had little trouble in the class at all. In fact, I flourished in that class and learned to love the material. He had a great sense of humor, which he always brought with him to each class, intent on sharing it with the rest of us. That would always brighten my day. He never raised his voice at his students, and was always willing to listen to us and he was kind, he was gifted and above all he was friendly. Even four years later he would still stop and chat with me on the sidewalk outside the library, or sometimes we'd bump into each other at Smiths. He was always interested in how things were going and what kinds of plans we as his students had for our futures. I will always remember him as a friend, and I will always remember him as the happy and enthusiastic man he was. Thank you Arthur, for everything.

-C. Warren

So sorry to hear about Art's passing.

Art and Marsha were part of the new team who started at Gulf University, Kuwait in 2003.
He was a great and kind friend both to me and my wife while there. We were sad to see him go.

He was also a witness at our civil wedding in Kuwait. During the ceremony, the female Islamic judge asked which religion my witness Art was.
Art said-"I'm Lutheran". The judge said-"Catholic or Protestant". And before Art could say another word, I jumped in and said-"He's Protestant."

Shared many a meal with him, Marsha and Lacey. We always enjoyed going for our regular Friday morning brunch.
My wife had a soft spot for Art because she had an uncle who taught Pure Math. I guess a rarity these days.

Please pass on my family and my condolences to Marsha, Lacey and the rest of the family.
Thank you,

Emerson Grossmith
Writing Specialist
University of Calgary in Qatar

My heartfelt condolences go out to Dr. Art Bukowski's family, friends and the New Mexico Tech Math Department.

It was a pleasure to work with him, and I'll remember fondly how he came to my office, just so that he could meet the person who was e-mailing him all those Calculus course transfer evaluations, which he even answered over Christmas Break. Glad and honored to have known you Art.

Titia Dons Barham
Transfer & Articulation Specialist
Registrar's Office
New Mexico Tech