Graduate Learning Space Study Group

The Department of Mathematics is planning to form a small committee of graduate students who will represent the activities of the GLS Study Group. They will make a dedicated webpage of the Study Group and post all their activities online. Here is the detailed plan of the activities of the Study Group and the use of GLS:

  1. Mathematics Seminars. Use GLS as a space for the current (and future) seminars. Currently, we run ones on Partial Differential Equa- tions, Philosophy of Mathematics, and Mathematical Modeling. A dedicated room for these seminars has a number of advantages, not least of which is that it allows for a much longer discussion/question period.
  2. GRE and Prelim Study Groups. There are already small study groups of graduate students who study for the GRE and the PhD preliminary examinations, but a dedicated space and schedule would make it much easier to coordinate, especially with new graduate students.
  3. Graduate/Graduate or Graduate/Undergraduate mentorship and training. Some of this already happens informally.
  4. Survey Groups/Paper Clubs. Have directed discussion groups to survey different areas of mathematical literature. These could be scheduled, or relatively impromptu, and could be over any sort of material that can be found in the literature.
  5. ProjectWorkshops. Use GLS to have student collaborate on projects. There are some instances of this happening already on campus, and this would be a great way to help students get help on thesis work, or to work on separate side-projects.
  6. Professional Development Workshops. There are many topics that don't neatly fit into classes or things, such as "How grant proposals work in Mathematics," or "How to improve as a TA", that would be very nice to run through GLS. These activities would be mostly graduate student driven, but if desired, we could get faculty and others involved as needed.
  7. Video Conferences. Many major conferences and workshops are now either live streaming, or recorded, so there is no reason we can't take advantage of this. GLS will have full videoconferencing capabilities, so there are many possibilities here. Additionally, all of the above activities can also be done much more easily over distance with this technology.