Repo! The Genetic Opera: Gencop

The enforcer of the law in GeneCo's corporate police state. Here are my costume notes.


Black tactical or ballistic vest. Simple, with at least a front hard plate pocket and a high collar. The best, commercial example I have found so far is the ArmorShield USA GRIZZLY Tactical Vest - Level II - STS. Of course a paintball or airsoft model would be much cheaper.


Black BDU pants.


Black tactical elbow pads like Damascus IMPERIAL Hard Shell Elbow Pads.


Black swat boots. I don't have any images form the movie showing the boots so perhaps they are just standard black combat boots. Many of my cosplay friends prefer the Oakley S.I. Assault Boot.


The head Gencop, the one who finds Amber in the alleyway, wore a pair of Oakley Thump 2 sunglasses but each guard had their own mask/goggle combination. [1]


The primary weapon looks to me to be something like a Heckler & Koch G36C with sight and tactical light. Umarex has a licensed airsoft model for over $100 but there are also knockoff G36 rifles for around $30.


1. ^ Alex Kavanagh: The REPO! OPERA BOARD, The Costumes thread, 2011. image

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