This directory contains several different Purity Tests. They are all in compressed format using gzip, the GNU Compression Utility. If you do not have gzip on your system, you can get a copy HERE, or get a probable newer version from

If you would like simple text versions instead of compresses versions, try

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Press Shift-Click (with the shift key and the left mouse button) on the item you want.
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Press d on the item you want, then select Save to disk and give it a filename.

K. Scott Rowe -
[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

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[   ]dr_suess_1_0_50.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 2.1K
[   ]math_purity_test.tex.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 2.1K
[   ]perl_purity_tests.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 2.7K
[   ]purity.tar.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 54K
[   ]purity_1female_100.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 1.8K
[   ]purity_1male_100.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 1.8K
[   ]purity_2.2.75.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 42K
[   ]purity_2_250.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 4.4K
[   ]purity_3.5A_400.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 17K
[   ]purity_4.0W_500.tgz16-May-1996 16:58 29K
[   ]purity_4.0_500.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 18K
[   ]purity_5.02_350.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 10K
[   ]purity_6.6b_1500.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 40K
[   ]purity_omni_100.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 3.3K
[   ]purity_sites.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 115
[   ]purity_unk_100.gz18-Mar-1996 18:27 1.8K
[   ]rhps_test.gz08-Aug-1996 20:59 2.5K
[   ]schlake_1.0_10018-Mar-1996 18:27 4.8K

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