Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a sheet of paper containing lots of itty-bitty answers to the Purity Test. Sworn to excellence of workmanship, we now give you directions on how to calculate your Purity score. There are several methods; the calculator method works best. Also there is the a la mainframe method. (A DECsystem-2060 works great as a PC.)

Scoring method:
Count "yes" answers. Subtract that number from 500. Divide the result by 5. The result is your percentage purity.

The higher the number, the more pure you are; in the same vein, the lower the score, the more of a sleaze-bag you are.

For your reference, we include calculator directions:

For people with real calculators (HP):
<# of NO answers> [ENTER] 5 /
For people with other (dinky) calculators:
<# of NO answers> / 5 =

K. Scott Rowe