Purity Test Genesis/History:

Version 1 (100) Created at MIT's Baker House.
Two parallel versions; one for male, and one for female. Not much is known about this version. It was ported to CMU by ps in 1982.

Version 2 (247) Spring 1983:
CMU/jb, pd, kr, ps, ts, mt, et al.
Expanded to 247 questions. This marked the beginning of the unisex versions. The story goes that they intended it to be 250 questions, but got tired that night and said "we'll think of three more tomorrow", and tomorrow never got there.

Version 3.3C.1 (400) on 05-Dec-1984
First formal release general of this test, version 3.xx. All former versions were short-lived and tended to be bug-ridden. Does not discriminate against gays or bi's. Good correspondence of scores (especially in the higher score ranges) between this version and version 2. Added Genesis/History section.

Version 3.4 (400) on 29-Jan-1985
Internal version; never released. Source code accidentally destroyed, much to the consternation of one of the authors. Cleaned up many bugs. Added sections: Disclaimer of Liability, Instructions for Use, Scoring, and Warranty Information.

Version 3.5 (400) on 10-Apr-1985
Rebuilt from the 3.3C.1 source and the 3.4 (only surviving copy) Xerox X9700 laser printer hardcopy. Cleaned up same bugs in 3.4; wiped out a duplicate question. Added in verbose history section.

Version 3.5A (400) on 13-Apr-1985:
CMU/da, fa, tc, no, dt, sv, rz, et al
Found that we had 431 questions instead of 400.

Version 3.5B (400) on 18-Mar-1986:
Yale (Pierson College)/ as
Intermediate release, with footnotes integrated into main body of text and some grammatical errors cleaned up. Begun in Fall, 1985; finished in April for the benefit of a friend at MIT (where it all began), who hadn't seen any versions except the antique Version 1.

Version 3.5C (400) on 17-Jan-1988:
Yale (Pierson College)/mmd (CLARINET@YALEVM)
Grammatical errors corrected. Introduction and history cleaned up.

Version 4.0 (500) on 23-April-1988:
Yale (Silliman College)/dfc, ad, dcg, mlm,
and Dartmouth (Alpha Theta)/alb. Original 400-question version expanded to 500 questions.

Version 4.0W (500) on 31-Dec-1994:
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Converted the familiar 500 question version into a HyperText document and let it loose on the World Wide Web. http://www.nmt.edu/~kscott/purity/purity.html

K. Scott Rowe