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Jan. 18, 2019: NMT-ITC is planning to remove my webpage in Feb. 2019, as I understand it. This is just rumor at this point as they have provided no official warning (email, letter, etc). This is just word of mouth from reputable sources. I hope they are not planning to do this will all accounts without warning them. So, after some 24+ years, this page, including all its useless junk, will be going away soon.

Jan 31 2005: The purity test is fixed, again. Enjoy.

Jan 29 2005: My ISP has once again broken my test by changing their webserver. I am working on figuring out what they did so I can "fix" it. please be patient.

kscott Aug 14 2003: The test is working again. An overprotective rule limiting W32.Blaster worms caused the load balancer to not talk to the webserver. Blah blah blah, technical crap.

kscott Aug 14 2003: My stupid ISP has changed something again without telling me so the test is broken again. I'm working on it.

Jul 25 2003: The test is back on the air. I still need to get the total running score working correclty.

Jul 24 2003: Because my stupid ISP has decided to change it's web server policies without telling me my CGI scripts don't work anymore. I hope the have this fixed in a day or so.

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January 20, 1995
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Be advised, I have been receiving dozens of mail messages a day regarding advertisements of adult material, trading links, and making more money. It has reached the point of harassment. Any further messages received of this type will be dealt with using all legal actions at my disposal. This is an educational site, and cannot advertise for profit. Thank you.

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