H2G2 Episode Ten

The Book - K. Scott Rowe
The most holey remarkable book in the known universe.

Arthur Dent - Brian Stewart
A perpetually confused ape decendent.

Ford Prefect - Danny Quist
Hitchhiker from a planet in the vicinity of betelgeuse.
"Alright, I'll get my towel."

Zaphod Beeblebrox - Owen Ford
ex-confidence trickster, part-time Galactic Presedent
"Holy Zarquon's singing fish!"

Marvin - Ryan Snyder
very depressed, far too smart, robot.
"I'm quite capable of bringing myself."

Eddie - Chris Knight
The exceedingly happy shipboard computer.
"We seem to be in some kind of cave guys. Do you like caves?"

Bird - Jess Lynch
Catches Arthur, Ford and Zaphod
"If the good Lord had meant us to walk he would have given us sneakers."

WOB - John Keisling
Wise Old Bird
"The Law of Gravity isn't as indiscriminate as people often think."

Stray Bird - Dan Lunceford
Joe random bird (only two lines)
"Here's a light."

Voice - Chris Knight
Think of the Holy Grail.
"Bring out your digital watches with special snooze alarms!"

Robot 1 - 5 - Dan Lunceford
One line each.
"Have we not cared for you?"

Birds - Everyone
Played by everyone in the cast.
"Squawk, squawk."

Footwarrior - Cort Dougan
Sounds like a cylon warrior, by your command.
"Halt! Who goes there?"

Footwarrior 2 - Chris Knight
Much like Footwarrior (only two lines)
"Halt or I fire!"

Lintilla - Joleen Welborn
Archaeologist with five hundred and seventy eight thousand million clones
"Digging, researching, trying to stay alive."

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