H2G2 Episode Eight

The Book - K. Scott Rowe
The most holey remarkable book in the known universe.

Arthur Dent - Brian Stewart
A perpetually confused ape decendent.
"Why should a rock hum?"

Ford Prefect - Danny Quist
Hitchhiker from a planet in the vicinity of betelgeuse.
"Yeah, verry friendly, but chronologically inept."

Zaphod Beeblebrox - Owen Ford
ex-confidence trickster, part-time Galactic Presedent
"You just popped out of nowhere like a large drinks bill."

Eddie - Jason Trowbridge
The exceedingly happy shipboard computer.
"...all systems are just tickitiboo"

Roosta - Cort Dougan
A hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.
"Here Zaphod. Suck this."

FPRO - Matt Bradley
An extreamly evil yet nice sounding Frogstar Prisoner Relations Officer
"Even I find it pretty horrifying, and I'm one of the most evil people on it."

Robot Girls (3) - Joleen Welborn
Discoteque dancing robot chicks
"Hi there baby, you want to dance?"

Gargravarr - John Keisling
Deep ethereal voice of the Total Perspective Vortex.
"I'll hum for you. Follow the humming."

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