Subchapter 4-2c: Using observations and calculated stratospheric loss rates for ozone-depleting substances

Links on this page are associated with Chapter 4 of the lifetimes assessment, on inferred lifetimes from observed trace gas distributions. All results are preliminary work in progress and should only be used in connection with this project.

Papers on molecular cross sections and radiative transfer models
Line-by-Line O2 Schumann-Runge cross sections
Scattered UV radiation in the stratosphere

Papers on stratospheric loss rates and lifetime calculations
Actinic fluxes, ozone, and lifetimes using balloon observations
Radiative forcing and lifetimes using UARS measurements

Photolysis Rate Calculations

Information on format, etc.

tar file for CFC11, March
tar file for CFC12, March
tar file for N2O, March

Here are tar files for all seasons (March, June, September, and December)
tar file for CFC11, All
tar file for CFC12, All
tar file for N2O, All

These data is being made available by Ken Minschwaner of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology's Physics Department.

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