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11.11. TaxonPhotoSet._buildMultiForms(): The taxon has multiple forms

This method generates content for one taxon on the index page for the case where more than one form name is referred to that taxon.

# - - -   T a x o n P h o t o S e t . _ _ b u i l d M u l t i F o r m s

    def _buildMultiForms(self, parent):
        '''Build index and form content for the multi-form case.

          [ parent is an et.Element ->
              parent  :=  parent + (self's inverted name) +
                  (links to form pages for forms in self._formMap)
              form pages for self._formMap values  :=  content
                  displaying thumbnails and catalog info for
                  values in self._formMap ]

First we add the form name to the parent div.

        #-- 1
        # [ parent  :=  parent with self's name added as text ]

The forms referred to this taxon will be displayed in ascending order by inverted English name. This is achieved using the standard Python trick of keeping instances as values in a dictionary, and using a key that sorts in the desired order—in this case, the inverted English name.

For each key in nameList, the corresponding value is a FormPhotoSet instance. The generation of the index page content, and corresponding photo page, for each form is done by Section 11.12, “TaxonPhotoSet._buildFormLine(): Build one form link and form page”.

        #-- 2
        # [ parent  :=  parent with divs added containing the
        #       names from self._formMap, ordered by the keys of
        #       self._formMap, with each as a link to the
        #       corresponding value from self._formMap
        #   form pages for values in self._formMap  :=  content
        #       from those values ]
        for formName in sorted(self._formMap.keys()):
          #-- 3 body
          # [ let formSet == self._formMap[formName]
          #   in
          #     parent  :=  parent with a div added containing the
          #         name from formSet and a link to formSet's form page
          #     form page for formSet  :=  content from formSet ]
          self._buildFormLine(parent, self._formMap[formName])