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11.12. TaxonPhotoSet._buildFormLine(): Build one form link and form page

This method builds the div on the index page containing the link to a form page. It also creates the corresponding form page.

# - - -   T a x o n P h o t o S e t . _ _ b u i l d F o r m L i n e

    def _buildFormLine(self, parent, formSet):
        '''Build one form page link and the corresponding form page.

          [ (parent is an et.Element) and
            (formSet is a FormPhotoSet) ->
              parent  :=  parent with a div added containing the
                 name from formSet and a link to formSet's form page
              form page for formSet  :=  content from formSet ]

The XHTML generated here is described in Section 4.2, “XHTML for the index page”. The only child added to parent is the div element, with class=CSS_NAME_LINE.

        #-- 1
        # [ parent  :=  parent with a new div element added in class
        #       CSS_NAME_LINE, containing a link to the page for
        #       formSet and displaying the inverted English name for
        #       formSet.birdId ]

Having finished generating all the index page content for this form, now generate the actual form page.

        #-- 2
        # [ form page for formSet  :=  content from formSet ]