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3. Operation of the catweb script

The script is intended to be run in the base directory above the indices/, thumb/, and archive directories.

Once the archx script has been run to build thumbnails and indices, use this command:

catweb indices/*

The wildcard filename “indices/*” will expand to a list of all the index files built by archx, and these indices, plus the image catalog file birdimages.xml, will drive the building of the web pages.

If all goes well, the script will create these files:

  1. index.html is the start page. This page will contain links to each of the form pages described below. These links will be imbedded within an indented, phylogenetic listing, showing all the biological taxa into which the kinds of birds in the catalog fit.

  2. In subdirectory “form/”, one form page will be generated for each biological taxon of which the catalog has at least one image.