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3.2. The form page

Each form page displays all the cataloged and archived photos that have the same English name. The page's title will be “Shipman's photos of bird name here”.

The body of the page is a table showing thumbnails and other data for each image that contains at least one individual of the page's selected form.

The ordering of the images in each section is by descending order of image size. A 35mm frame is roughly 24×36mm, an area of 864 mm2. Image areas are expressed as a percentage of the total possible area. For example, an image 12mm×9mm would have an area of 108mm2, or 12.5% (108/864 = 0.125).

Columns of the table, left to right:

  1. A thumbnail image.

  2. Size information. The first line will show the percentage of the image area. The second line will show the width in pixels, and the third line the height in pixels.

  3. The catalog number, state and locality, and all additional information from the elements comprising the info pattern in the catalog schema: lighting, film, etc.