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3. The archx.rnc schema

This section describes the XML schema for the index files created by archx. This schema uses the Relax NG Compact Syntax; see Relax NG Compact Syntax (RNC) for a description of the schema language.

The schema is presented here in “literate programming” style. For more information on literate programming, see A source extractor for lightweight literate programming.

First is a comment block that points back here to the documentation:

# archx.rnc: Relax NG schema for bird slide archive index.
# For documentation, see:

The goal symbol is archive-index, which represents the index of one entire archive directory (one CD's worth).

start = archive-index
archive-index = element archive-index
{ image*

Each image is described by one image element:

image = element image
{ attribute cat-no { text },
  attribute high { xsd:positiveInteger },
  attribute wide { xsd:positiveInteger }

The attributes are:


The image's catalog number. This must match a cat-no attribute in some original element in the birdimages.xml file.


The image's height in millimeters, to a precision of 0.1mm.


The image's width in pixels.

Here's a small sample file:

  <image cat-no="2005-09-05-0022" wide="512" high="462"/>
  <image cat-no="2005-02-18a0005" wide="2018" high="2796"/>