Physical Chemistry (CHEM331)

  • A brief review of the mathematics required for this course can be found here.



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(Lec. S
Wk 1Aug 21:
Systems (Slides)
Systems (Lec. Summary)
Aug 22:
Aug 23:
Historical Gas Laws (Slides)
Historical Gas Laws (Lec. Summary)
Aug 24:
Aug 25:
Wk 2Aug 28:
Real Gases (Slides)
Real Gases (Lec. Summary)
Aug 29:
Aug 30:
Gas Models: Equations of State (Slides)
Gas Models: Equations of State (Lec. Summary)
Aug 31:
Sept 1:
Wk 3Sept 4:
Labor Day
Sept 5:
Sept 6:
Liquids and Solids (Slides)
Liquids and Solids (Lec. Summary)
Walls (Sldies)
Walls (Lec. Summary)
Sept 7:
Sept 8:
Wk 4Sept 11:
Thermometry (Slides)
The Zeroth Law (Lec. Summary)
Sept 12:
Sept 13:
Sept 14:
Sept 15:
Wk 5Sept 18:
The First Law of Thermodynamics (Lec. Summary)
Sept 19:
Sept 20:
Pistons (Slides)
Application of the First Law To The Construction of an Engine (Lec. Summary)
Sept 21:
Sept 22:
Wk 6Sept 25:
Functional Form of U and H (Slides)
The Functional Form of U and H (Lec. Summary)
Sept 26:
Sept 27:
Heat Capacity (Lec. Summary)
Sept 28:
Sept 29:
Wk 7Oct 2:
Thermochemistry (slides)
Thermochemistry (Lec. Summary)
Oct 3:
Oct 4:
Thermochemistry cont'd (slides)
Thermochemistry, cont'd (Lec. Summary)
Oct 5:
Oct 6:
Wk 8Oct 9:
Engines (Slides)
Engines (Lec. Summary)
Oct 10:
Oct 11:
Oct 12:
Oct 13:
Wk 9Oct 16:
The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Lec. Summary)
Oct 17:
Oct 18:
The Functional Form of S (Lec. Summary)
Oct 19:
Oct 2:
Wk 10Oct 23:
Oct 24:
Oct 25:
Legendre Transforms and Thermodynamic Potentials (Lec. Summary)
Oct 26:
Oct 27:
Wk 11Oct 30:
The Maxwell Relations (Lec. Summary)
The Gibbs Function (Lec. Summary)
Oct 31:
Nov 1:
The Chemical Potential (Lec. Summary)
Nov 2:
Nov 3:
Wk 12Nov 6:
Mixtures (Slides)
Mixtures (Lec. Summary)
Nov 7:
Nov 8:
Nov 9:
Nov 10:
Wk 13Nov 13:
Chemical Potential for Condensed Solutions (Slides)
Chem Potential for Componets of a Solution (Lec. Summary)
Nov 14:
Nov 15:
Activities and Activity Coefficients (Lec. Summary)
Nov 16:
Nov 17:
Wk 14Nov 20:
Nov 21:
Nov 22:
Nov 23:
Nov 24:
No Classes
Wk 15Nov 27:
Electrochemistry (Slides)
Electrochemical Cell Construction (Lec. Summary)
Nov 28:
Nov 29:
Nov 30:
Dec 1:
Wk 16Dec 4:
Phase Equilibrium: Simple Systems, Distillation (Slides)
Dec 5:
Dec 6:
Phase Equilibrium cont'd (Slides)
Dec 7:
Dec 8:

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