International Society of Explosives Engineeers: New Mexico Tech Student Chapter
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explosionWe are the New Mexico Tech Student Chapter of the International Society of Explosives Engineers. Our club members are active with EMRTC and get to see explosives demonstrations first hand. The club also has had the privilege of helping out with several projects with the Mythbusters TV show. The club regularly hosts speakers who are standout members in the explosives field. We have members from a variety of all fields on campus, and welcome anyone interested in explosives.


-Thank you to everyone contributing to our volunteer hours this fall 2013!

-NMT students will be attending the ISEE Conference this spring in Denver.

-Graham Walsh is leaving NMT this fall. ISEE extends a thank you for all his hard work over the years, and wishes him success and happiness with his future endeavors!


International Society of Explosives Engineers