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Student Testimonials

Here are some testimonials written by our students in the wake of a decision from the NMT administration to reduce the number of classes offered by this Department.

I had been working 5+ years as a software developer and had reached a limit in earnings with my two associates. I then decided to pursue a general studies bachelors degree at New Mexico Tech to complement my experience and technology associates. Once I graduated New Mexico Tech, I was able to continue my career in the computer industry in a position that required a 4 year degree and had a higher salary.

Julian Paquin

April 23, 2014


My name is Stipo Sentic (you probably know me), a graduate student in the physics department working with Sharon Sessions on atmospheric physics. I came to Tech ~3 years ago and that is when I started singing; I joined the choir. Ever since then I have taken every possible music performance class, not only because I like music but also because the performance classes help me with presenting anxiety and working in teams. I had tremendous benefit from participating in choir, piano, music theory, violin and music chamber classes with Gaby Benalil! I hope that Tech and the Humanities Department will continue to support these classes and Gaby Benalil (and all other performance teachers) because I know that we, students, can benefit from them. Mrs. Gaby Benalil has taken every opportunity to advertise the performance program and classes at all performances in the Recital Hall and in Fidel (when we did performances to attract more students and let them know about the classes). Please let me know if I can support your endeavors in keeping performance classes available to students like me!

Stipo Sentic

Apr 22, 2014


I hope this finds you in good health and strong spirit. I'd just like to say I'm shocked by those letters and I'd like to explain why. When I was honored as one of the Macey Scholars in 2011, I was asked to present something to Mr. and Mrs. Macey. While many others have presented on their current work, I chose to take the chance to present on how essential the humanities and the arts are to people who emphasize on math, science, and engineering. After my presentation, Mr. Macey commented on how he agreed with my stance and was impressed with the science behind it. The fact that our humanities classes are dwindling more and more every semester is saddening and goes against what one of our most generous donors wants.

When I was looking into colleges in high school, the only drawback to NMT was the lack of a music program. I spent eight years learning to play trombone to have to give up playing in a group to come to this school. I found out later that there was a group of students and a conductor to help students like me continue their careers in music. Not only was the orchestra class not advertised outside our school, it is also poorly advertised within our school. There are many students who would choose NMT instead of NMSU or UNM if we had a better music program.

I hope some of my experiences within this school can help promote the importance of the humanities and arts at NMT. Please feel free to share this email with anybody who may gain from it. If there is anything at all I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

Ahmed Hussien

Apr 9, 2014


Before taking any music classes, I had much interest in it, but never went out and took the initiative to play music. I did not know where to start, or where to even begin studying music. When I saw classes in music posted on the walls, I began to feel that those classes could give me some direction in studying music and it turns out that the classes at NMT have given me some direction to playing music. It is great to have an instructor provide guidance and expertise in music. Without music I guess I would have had some emptiness inside of me. One of the great things I like about the music classes at Tech is that it provides a time to get away from the stresses of test, and homework but still gives a sense of productivity to a student. It is especially nice to have music classes that keep going on and on since it keeps motivation up. The classes themselves make other music lovers interact with each other and allow people to be more social which makes up for the social scene at this school. Without any doubt I have to say that I am grateful for the many music classes that this school has, and hope it continues . . . providing students with great experiences.

Kyle Smith

Apr 9, 2014

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