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Prospective Students

Welcome!  Our Department is one of the most diverse departments on campus, offering many opportunities for you to develop a broad, multidisciplinary education, experience individualized mentoring, develop a sense of community in an interconnected group of faculty and students, and gain skills and tools to help you in your career in life.


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Our programs

You can pursue undergraduate programs in Technical Communication (BS) or General Studies (BGS and AGS), or minor in Hispanic Studies, History, Literature, Philosophy or Technical Communication. You can also do a graduate program in Scientific and Professional Writing.

With a BS in Technical Communication, you will be able to work as a technical writer and editor, information designer, information developer, Web designer, documentation manager, data visualization expert, researcher, usability specialist, or an international professional communicator. You will be able to work alongside other technical communicators or, because you will take 12 credit hours in a science or engineering field, work alongside engineers, scientists and other professionals. Our program is one of the few programs in the United States that allows you to do this.

Our Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) and Associate of General Studies (AGS) programs allow you to pick the courses according to your individual educational goals and career plans. With these programs, you will have a variety of career opportunities in social service, government, industry, technology—anywhere where a background in humanities, social sciences, communication, mathematics and laboratory sciences is required.

Our Graduate Certificate in Scientific and Professional Writing will hone the communication skills specific to your professional goals and demands. More generally, it will allow you to achieve mastery of a variety of modes of communication, enabling you to pursue careers that hinge on communicating information about science, engineering and technology with ease and confidence to a variety of audiences.

If you are considering majoring in a science or engineering field, minoring in Hispanic Studies, History, Literature, Philosophy or Technical Communication in our Department will provide you with the interdisciplinary knowledge and analytical, problem-solving, creativity and communication skills, as well as the ethical values and creativity that employers seek more and more.


Research opportunities

Our Department encourages you to get involved in research right from the start. Our Humanizing Tech/nology project provides you with an opportunity to develop research experience in different areas where the Humanities and STEM disciplines intersect, and to graduate with research publications, conference presentations and/or research posters on your résumé. The interests of our research faculty also provide you with opportunities to engage in research in different areas of the Humanities and Social Sciencs.



You will be assigned an academic advisor when you enroll in one of our majors and some of our minors. Your advisor will help you develop an academic plan that meets your educational and career goals as well as your personal interests, values, and objectives. Your advisor will also guide you to critically evaluate your progress and find resources on campus to help you be a successful student at Tech.


Meet our alumni

After graduation, I was hired as a systems administrator. I didn't think my training in TC would be compatible with my job. Fortunately I was proven dead wrong, as the skills of critical thinking, explaining complex subjects, and managing a varying workload were some of many cultivated by the TC program at NMT. I can't imagine doing what I do now without the knowledge this program provides.

Nicholas Carter
Technical Communication graduate, Class of 2008

Nicholas Carter

The CLASS Deptartment cares about its students and their unique career goals. Through the TC minor program, I was able to explore advanced topics pertinent to my career path in the arts. I currently study Fine Arts and cannot express how useful my training in TC has already been in pursuing my second degree. Art is about communication, and it is easier to convey an idea if one has training in doing so.

Emily Snell
Business graduate, minor in Technical Communication, Class of 2013

Emily Snell



If you have questions about the Department, our programs and the research you can do here, feel free to contact our Department chair via the Contact Us page. To learn more about the Technical Communication program, contact Dr. Elisabeth Kramer-Simpson at


Thank you for visiting our Department. We look forward to seeing you!

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Dr. Simpson

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