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Our Department contributes in many ways to your academic curriculum and a successful career.


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Programs and courses

Through our Department, you can

• graduate with a degree in Technical Communication or General Studies
• double major in Technical Communication and a science or engineering field
minor in Hispanic Studies, History, Literature, Philosophy or Technical Communication
• fulfill your Area 1 (Communication), Area 4 (Social Sciences) and Area 5 (Humanities) General Education Core Curriculum Requirements
• earn a graduate certificate in Scientific and Professional Writing

To learn about our undergraduate studies, see our Undergraduate Degrees and Minors page. For our graduate program, see our Graduate Certificate in Scientific and Professional Writing page. For the General Education Core Curriculum courses, see below.


General Education Core Curriculum courses

Our Department offers the courses to fulfil your Area 1, Area 4, Area 5 and Area 6 curriculum requirements.

Area 1– Communications. 9 credit hours

• ENGL 111 (3) - ENGL 111 is waived for students who have a high enough ACT or SAT score (see the undergraduate catalog, page 34). These students must take another course to replace the three credit hours; however, that course does not have to be an English course.
• ENGL 112 (3) - Must meet prerequisites to enroll, see Tech’s course catalog.
• ENGL 341 (3) - Must meet prerequisites to enroll, see Tech’s course catalog. Mechanical Engineering majors may use MENG 341.

For more information on the English sequence, see our Writing Program page.

Area 4 - Social Sciences. 6 credit hours from

• Economics (ECON)
• Political Science (PS)
• Psychology (PSY)
• Anthropology (ANTH)
• Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS)

For more information about these courses, see our Courses page.

Area 5 - Humanities. 6 credit hours from

• English (ENGL), except ENGL 103, 111, 112, 341
• Art History (ART)
• Communication (COMM)
• Music (MUS), except for performance ensembles
• History (HIST)
• Philosophy (PHIL)
• Humanities (HUMA)
• Technical Communication (TC) except TC 321, 420, 422
• Theater (THEA)
• Foreign Languages (SPAN, FREN, GERM) Other languages may be counted only if they are listed or approved by the Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences Department

For more information about these courses, see our Courses page or Tech’s course catalog.

Area 6 - Additional Courses from Area 4 or 5 (6 credit hours)


Classification of regular students

A frequent question is how many credits you need to take to be a sophomore, junior or senior. Here is the answer:

• Freshman:  0 to 29 credit hours
• Sophomore:  30 to 59 credit hours
• Junior:  60 to 89 credit hours
• Senior:  90 credit hours and above



Your academic advisor is here to help you meet your academic and career objectives. They will help you learn more about your degree requirements, select and drop courses, monitor your academic progress, and connect you with on- and off-campus resources. So speak with them regularly. They welcome your visit.



Engaging in research has many benefits for your academic performance and career. Engaging in research helps you learn a topic in depth, making it easier for you to understand research materials you read and produce better papers. It makes it easier for you to work independently and in interdisciplinary teams, both at Tech and in the workplace. It enhances your problem-solving skills. And it improves your written, oral and visual communication skills.

Engaging in research at Tech and showcasing research publications, conference presentations and/or research posters in your résumé when you graduate will give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

In our Department, you can do research in specific topics in humanities and social sciences, or in interdisciplinary teams. Speak with our professors and visit our Humanizing Tech/nology page to learn more about the research opportunities in our Department.


Meet other students

As a TC student, I see TC as the perfect way to simultaneously pursue a love of writing/design and a love of science/math. For me personally, that has turned into a TC major with a CS minor. As a whole, Tech is a challenging school and the TC program is no different. A lot is expected of every student, but the work is usually so interesting and engaging that I really don’t notice.

Milagre Coates
Technical Communication major, minoring in Computer Science

Milagre Coates



To learn about the various student activities in our Department and at Tech, visit our Calendar. And feel free to contribute information and to participate in as many events as you wish!

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