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[IMG]Tamino and Pamina Magic Flute.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 18K
[IMG]MUS 331 Chamber Choir singing christmas at plaza 2011 .jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 30K
[IMG]me.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 41K
[IMG]MUS 331 Chamber Choir Concert at Macey Center 2011 with Music Outreach Program.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 46K
[IMG]MUS 331 Chamber Choir Recital at Macey Center.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 54K
[IMG]conducting1.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 56K
[IMG]Music and Sound at Sarracino School April 142.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 59K
[IMG]Magic Flute.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 66K
[IMG]Elise Brower Scholarship 2015.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 66K
[IMG]Music Outreach Propagation of Sound with Zoe.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 67K
[IMG]MUS 361 Scholarship Schubert Quintet.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 67K
[IMG]Christmas Program Music Outreach christmastime1.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 67K
[IMG]Music Outreach PreK.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 69K
[IMG]conducting3.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 69K
[IMG]Music Outreach Program at Parkview.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 76K
[IMG]Music outreach Keys with defined herz.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 77K
[IMG]Propagation of Sound1.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 79K
[   ]Lab 6 Binary Stars(1).docx31-Mar-2017 14:13 82K
[IMG]Induction Ceremony Rehearsal October 6.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 83K
[IMG]Music and Sound at Sarracino School April Propagation of Sound.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 83K
[IMG]vibration per second Science fair.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 84K
[IMG]Music and Sound at Sarracino School April 143.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 87K
[IMG]orchestra.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 88K
[IMG]Propagation of Sound.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 90K
[IMG]Music and Sound at Sarracino School April 1423.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 93K
[IMG]Music Outreach Program4.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 93K
[IMG]music Outreach Steven teaching the Children about the Upright Bass.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 94K
[IMG]Music Outreach Program at Parkview Elementary School.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 96K
[IMG]Music Outreach Concert at San Miguel Church.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 96K
[IMG]Chamber Choir.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 98K
[IMG]Dido Aeneas flyer.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 101K
[IMG]10294485_772103606163940_6511199133033574235_n.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 105K
[IMG]Music Outreach Chamber Orchestra at Charter School .jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 109K
[IMG]Music Outreach Program Parkview Elementary School PreK.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 113K
[IMG]masterclass .jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 125K
[IMG]Music and Movement Rhythm Peer Gynt Music Outreach Program.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 132K
[IMG]MAsterclass Kay Elise Brower October 12 at 2pm.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 434K
[IMG]Chamber Music section 2 May 3 at 430.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 444K
[IMG]November 21 Chamber Orchestra copy.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 457K
[IMG]Meet Elise Brower january23 of 2017.jpg31-Mar-2017 14:13 494K
[   ]November 21 and 22 concertos.pdf31-Mar-2017 14:13 820K
[IMG]Christmas Concert Music Outreach .JPG31-Mar-2017 14:13 2.3M
[   ]Papa Duet at Fidel at lunch time rehearsal MUS 361 Opera .mp431-Mar-2017 14:13 3.8M
[   ]Festival Sanctus.mp431-Mar-2017 14:13 5.7M
[   ]Christmas Program Music Outreach Program Christmastime.mp431-Mar-2017 14:13 5.8M
[   ]Chamber Music Scholarship.mp431-Mar-2017 14:13 7.7M
[   ]Rehearsal John Shippman was on the class Chamber Choir MUS 331 Alleluia Ralph Manuel .mp431-Mar-2017 14:13 9.4M
[   ]MUS 311 Opera dance.mp431-Mar-2017 14:13 17M

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